Substituted Power of Attorney


WHEREAS by a Power of Attorney executed by Mr… in my favour I have been appointed as the Constituted attorney of the said Mr… and whereby certain powers and authorities are conferred upon me. A certified copy of the said power of attorney is hereto annexed and marked A and shall be deemed to form part of this Deed.

AND WHEREAS by the said power of attorney I have been authorised to delegate all or any of the powers therein contained to any substitute for me.

AND WHEREAS as I am proceeding out of India for some time I propose to substitute for me Mr… and to delegate all the powers contained In the said- power of attorney and to which the said Mr… has agreed.

NOW KNOW YOU ALL AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that I, Mr… hereby substitute for me as such attorney as aforesaid and appoint the said Mr… to be the attorney of the said Mr… being the principal for him and in his name as such principal or in my name as such attorney of the said Principal, to do, perform and execute all or any of the acts, matters, deeds and things which I have been authorised to do by the said power of attorney in the same manner and as effectually as the said Principal or I might do, them or any of them or as he the said substitute could have done them or any of them If he had in my place or stead received authority by the said power of attorney.

AND I ratify all acts, deeds and things, which the said substitute will lawfully do and execute in pursuance of the said power of attorney hereinbefore, recited.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I Mr… have put my hand this… day of … 2000.

Signed and delivered by the

withinnamed Mr… in the

presence of

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