Deed Of Gift Of Immovable Property

Deed Of Gift Of Immovable Property

THIS DEED OF GIFT is made at …….. this …….. day of.. ….. between Mr. A of ……. hereinafter referred to as ‘the Donor’ of the One Part and Mr. B of ……. hereinafter referred to as ‘the DONEE’, of the Other Part.

WHEREAS the Donor is seized and possessed of the land and premises situate at ……… and more particularly described in the Schedule hereunder written.

AND WHEREAS the DONEE is related to the Donor as ……..


AND WHEREAS the Donor desires to grant the said land and premises to the DONEE as gift in consideration of natural love and affection as hereinafter mentioned ‘

AND WHEREAS the DONEE has agreed to accept the gift as is evidenced by his executing these presents.

AND WHEREAS the market value of the said property his estimated to be Rs …..

NOW THIS DEED WITNESSETH that the Donor without any monetary consideration and in consideration of natural love and affection, which the Donor bears to the DONEE, doth hereby grant and transfer by way of gift the said land and premises situate at ….. and more particularly described in the Schedule hereunder written together with all and singular the buildings, and structures. thereon and all the things permanently attached thereto or standing thereon and all the liberties, privileges casements and advantages appurtenant thereto And all the estate, right, title, interest use, Inheritance, possession. benefit, claims and demand whatsoever of the Donor To Have And To Hold the same unto and to the use of the DONEE absolutely but subject to the payment of all taxes, rates, assessments, dues and duties now and hereafter chargeable thereon to the Government or Municipality or other Local Authority.

AND he the Donor doth hereby covenants with the DONEE;

(a) That the Donor now has in himself, good right, full power and absolute authority to grant the said piece of land and other the premises hereby granted as gift in the manner aforesaid.

(b) The DONEE may at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly enter upon have occupy. possess and enjoy the said piece of land and premises and receive the rents, Issues, and profits and rents thereof and every part thereof to and for his own use and benefit without any suit, lawful eviction, interruption, claim or demand whatsoever from or by the Donor or his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns or any person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim by, from, under or in trust for the Donor.

(c) That the said land and premises are free and clear and freely and clearly and absolutely and forever released and discharged or otherwise by the Donor and well and sufficiently saved, kept harmless and Indemnified of and from and against all former and other estate, titles, charges and encumbrances whatsoever, had made, executed, occasioned or suffered by the Donor or by any other person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim by. from, under or in trust for the Donor.

(d) AND FURTHER that the Donor and all persons having or lawfully claiming any estate or Interest whatsoever to the said land and premises or any part thereof from under or in trust for the Donor or his heirs, executors. administrators and assigns or any of them shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter at the request and cost of the DONEE do and execute or cause to be done and executed all such further and other acts, deeds, things, conveyances and assurances in law whatsoever for better and more perfectly assuring the said land and premises and every part thereof unto and to the use of the DONEE in the manner aforesaid as by the DONEE, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns or counsel in law shall be reasonably required.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Donor as well as the DONEE (by way of acceptance of the said gift) have put their respective hands the day and year first hereinabove written.


Signed and Delivered by the withinnamed Donor …….. in the presence of …….

Signed by withinnamed DONEE …….. In the presence of …….




  1. Hi,

    I Require your help to trf the property in my name,Currently parents are holding the flat in mumbai in join name, we want to remove the fathers name and want to added the my name in that flat means the flat will be in my name and my mothers name, kindly suggest what all the formalities need to complete for trf of name

  2. Hi…. request you to share a gift deed format for property where multiple heirs are involved and they need to be given an equal share in 2 properties (residential houses) . The concerned Donor (father) is currently ailing and wants to make this gift deed for his 4 daughters. He also has one son who has already been given another seperate property as his share. Please advise


  3. Dear Sir,
    I have one query about gift deed. My grandfather executed a gift deed of a bunglow with plot in the favour of grandson.Now for transferring the housing co operative’s membership society demanding a surrender deed from us. What will be the solution on it? Is this mandatory i.e. surrender deed? Whether stamp duty payable on gift deed will be refundable?

  4. My father has gifted me the property one year ago and it was registered. But my elder sister insists her share against my father’s will. I have the the Gift Deed registered in my name. Will I be able to construct my building on that plot? May it be hampered by my sister? Please, Inform me as early as possible.

  5. Iam a co-owner of an immovable property by individual contribution of money to purchase the property.Whether I can gift 50% of my undivided share to my mother?

  6. Hello sir,
    My mom is preparing gift. Sh is gifting her property to me. We require 2 submit noc letter from bldg to registrar. Bt building people r saying first gv us form no. S (its regarding transfer form before registering gift deed).
    We hd asked mre thn 7-8 agents bt thy r nt knowing anything bout ths form.
    Building people r also nt willing to gv me Noc unles I submit ths form.
    Sir could u pls tel me is ths form compulsory ?

  7. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before
    but after going through many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I found it and I’ll be bookmarking
    it and checking back often!

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have one query about gift deed. My grandfather purchased agricultural land survey no 79/1 in 1956 and executed a partition deed of agricultural land survey no 79/1 in the favour of my father in year 1965.In the year 2010 my father wrote gift deed for same property agricultural land survey no 79/1,in favour of my yielder brother by transferring through gift deed, though it is ancesstral property, owened by my grand father,please give me legal remedy in this case, we are 3 brothers and three sisters . What will be the solution on it?

  9. I have some property at my mrs name she want to donate it to me. please forward the format and what is stamp duty on the same?

  10. A gift deed was executed between a brother and a sister 3 years back and tjhe possession of the said flat is with the after 3 years he is demanding money to vacate kindly advise what is to be done

  11. Sir
    some people use release deed in place of gift deed but they release in favour of specific co heir leaving others.according to me release means to renounce and not in favour of some body .if it is in favour of some selected then it should be termed as gift as there is lot of difference in dtamp duty.please clsrify thanks.

  12. My brother want to gift the the one floor of his villa to me. Please advise where to make the gift deed and also advise if it has to be register in Court or land department or village panchyat.

  13. My father has made a gift deed leaving a self acquired farm house and a flat (which is an ancesteral property) in my name. My father expired a few months back I would like to now like to transfer both the properties in my and my mothers name. Kindly guide how do I go ahead with this.

  14. I Got One Immovable Property on my name through registered Gift deed from my Monther’s Sister. She was my aunty. She gave this property in 2010 through GIFT Deed. She was died in 2012. I want to know this registered deed can be challenge or not ? She already done will in 1994 included this property on my name. Will is not registered. Some Relatives going into court and challenge that will. now what about this property. Please guide me. This registered deed with paid stamp duty.

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