HC orders against claims of self acquired property of in-laws


The Delhi High Court in a noteworthy order, passed the judgment that a daughter-in-law cannot insist on the right to the self acquired property of her in-laws as this is not categorized under the classification of a ‘shared household’ which has been expressed under the Domestic Violence Act. She only has the right to contest her husband’s property.

While passing the judgment, the court also made clear that this was not the case with only a daughter-in-law but also the same holds in case of an adult son or daughter as they too have no right to dwell in the self-acquired property of their parents against their wishes, reported The Times of India.

Justice AK Pathak in one of his latest orders has excerpted that, “A son or daughter if permitted to live in the house occupies the same as a gratuitous licensee and if such license is revoked, he has to vacate the said property.”


The court came to such orders while dismissing the appeal of a woman who is a doctor in a government hospital in New Delhi and was seeking the right of residence in her mother-in-law’s house. It should be noted that the son had no share in the same. In her plea, she had mentioned that since she was a legally wedded wife, so she had the right to live in the house from where her father-in-law wanted her to be evicted.