Company form No. 60



Memorandum of complete satisfaction of charge’ created by a foreign company

[Pursuant to section 600 read with section 1381]


Name of Company

Presented by 2 a company incorporated in3 and which has established a place of business/a principal place in India at hereby gives notice that the registered charge being4 of which particulars were registered with the Registrar of Companies, on the day of 19 was satisfied in full on the day of 19 . the debts for which the charge was given having been paid or satisfied.

In witness thereof the common seal of the company was hereunto affixed this day of 19

Signature or signatures of one or more persons.

authorised under section 592(1)(d) of the1

Companies Act, 1956 or of some other person

in India, duly authorised by the company

Dated the ……………………………day of…………………………..19

“Charge” includes “a mortgage” – see section 124.

Name of the company.

Country of origin.

A description of the instrument(s) creating or evidencing the charge, e.g. “Mortgage”,”Charge”, “Debenture” etc., with the date thereof should be given. If the registered charge was a “Series of Debentures or Debenture Stock”, the words “authorised by resolution”, together with the date of the resolution should be added.

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