Company form no. 1A


Application form for availability of names*

The registrar of Companies,



We, the following applicants, are desirous of forming a company to be registered under the companies Act, 1956 in the state of-

1. Name and full address of the person(s) applying for the availability of the name (in block capitals)

2. Proposed name of the company

3. State whether public or private

4. In case the proposed name mentioned in item (2) is not available, 3 names to be considered in the order of preference

5. Main object of the proposed company

6. Name and addressees of the prospective directors or promoters, etc.

7. Particulars of the names and situations of registered offices of other companies in the same group or under the same management

8. Proposed authorised capital

9. Please furnish particulars and results of any application moved to this or any other Registrar previously for availability of name

10. Particulars of remittance of fee (Draft/IPO) Rs.


Dated Signature of the applicants

*Refer rule 4A

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