Consumer Protection – Consumer Awareness FAQs


Consumer Protection – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Who can file a complaint and What are the issues to consider when filing a consumer complaint

Where do I file my complaint and How many Consumer Forums / Courts are there in India ? Do other Courts (District Courts/High Courts) accept consumer disputes?

Consumer Forum Addresses in India


What Do I Put In My Complaint ? Is There A Fee For Filing A Complaint ? Is There Any Time Limit For Filing A Complaint ?

Do I Have To Be There Myself To File A Complaint ? Can More Than One Consumer File A Single Common Complaint ?

How Do I Inform The Opposite Party about the complaint ?

Can I Approach The Consumer Courts If I bought the Goods or Services for Commercial Purposes?

What are the Rights of a Consumer?

What should I do in case my Rights as a Consumer are violated ?

What are some other useful tips in case of defective products ?

What are the required documents and facts?

What are my legal rights?

Have I exhausted all other remedies?

Can I still go to Court if my complaint is redressed in part?

If some one performs a free service for me which is defective can I still approach the courts for any relief ?

What relief can I expect on my complaint for defective products?

What are the questions that would help you sustain your case?

What Does The Act Apply To?

Can I Argue And Present My Complaint In Court Myself?





  1. “District Consumer Forum, Greater Noida has dismissed a complaint ex-parte. The Complainant is 75 year old and sick. He is unable to appeal in State Commission, Lucknow. His application submitted much earlier to the dismissal of the case by the Noida Forum for transfer to a Dist Consumer Forum (Central) ISBT; Delhi is pending with the National Consumer Commission, New Delhi. In view of the dismissal of case by the Noida Forum, whether he can file a Revised Petition to NCDRC to transfer the case to Delhi State Consumer Commission instead of Dist. Consumer Forum, Delhi?”

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