Compromise & Family Settlements – Agreements

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Compromise & Family Settlements – Agreements


Name of Form
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Simple compromise agreement
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Agreement for compromise between the employer and workman for payment of compensation under workmen’s compensation act
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Terms of compromise in a suit
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Deed of family settlement for division of properties left by a deceased between son and daughters where son pays money to daughters
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Deed of family settlement between rival claimants
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Deed of family settlement between the heirs of a deceased
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Deed of family arrangement for release of property in favour of other beneficiaries in consideration of annuity
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Deed of settlement under which a son agrees to pay dower debt to his father’s widow
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Family arrangement in which the daughters convey their shares in favour of their brother.
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Family arrangement to adopt an unattested will

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  1. sharada hv says:

    I want to know how to prepare a memorandum of understanding between the husband and wife to be made for the purpose of divorce. I want to know the details of the terms to be included in the memorandum of understanding to be entered between the husband and wife. plz respond to my email.
    your precious suggestion is awaited.

  2. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    such an agreement can made only by customization.

  3. property family settlement. says:

    Is this family settlement valid property document to share in 3,4…..equal parts without further documentation. Is this a final deed, to transfer title in society to lease, sell or gift to another heir in the family

  4. chandramohan says:

    i need a draft for mutual consent divorce before notary

  5. Abdul says:

    My mother is hindu before marriage she get married wife a muslim now they both are separated. I want to change my name and my middle name and religion. I can adopt any of my mother family name as my middle name. so please help me

  6. gvsrinivasan says:

    I need format for settlement with life interest.

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