The Presidency Magistrates (Court-Fees) Act, 1877


1 [The Presidency Magistrates (Court-Fees) Act, 1877]

[Act No. 4 of 1877]

[28th February, 1877.]

1. Short title given by the Indian Short Titles Act, 1897 (14 of 1897).


An Act to regulate the procedure and increase the jurisdiction of the Courts of Magistrates in the Presidency-towns.

WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law regulating the procedure of the Courts of Magistrates in the Presidency-towns and to increase the jurisdiction of such Courts; It is hereby enacted as follows:—

57. Fees for summonses and warrants.

A fee of eight annas shall be paid for every summons or warrant issued by a Presidency Magistrate, except in the case of a summons to attend and give evidence or to produce documents, in which case they shall be paid a fee of four annas:

Power to remit fees.

Provided that such Magistrate may in any case remit any such fee, if he is satisfied that the complainant is unable to pay the same, and shall remit it when the complaint is made by a public servant in the execution of his duty.

58 to end. Section 58 to end. the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1882 (Act 10 of 1882).

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