The Hindu Gains of Learning Act 1930


ACT NO.30 OF 1930 [AS ON 1957]

[25th July, 1930.]

An Act to remove doubt as to the right of a member of a Hindu undivided family in property acquired by him by means of his learning.


2. Definitions.

In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,—

(a) “Acquirer” means a member of A Hindu undivided family, who acquires gains or learning;

(b) “Gains of learning” means all acquisitions of property made substantially by means of learning, whether such acquisitions be made before or after the commencement of this Act and whether such acquisitions be the ordinary or the extraordinary result of such learning; and

(c) “Learning” means education, whether elementary, technical, scientific, special or general, and training or every kind which is usually intended to enable a person to pursue any trade, industry, profession or avocation in life.

3. Gains of learning not to be held, not to be separate property of acquirer merely for certain reasons.

Notwithstanding any custom, rule or interpretation of the Hindu Law, no gains shall be held not to be the exclusive and separate property of the acquirer merely by reason of—

(a) His learning having been, in whole or in part, imparted to him by any member, living or deceased, of his family, or with the aid of the joint funds of his family or with the aid of the funds of any member thereof, or

(b) Himself, or his family having, while he was acquiring his learning been maintained or supported, wholly or in part, by the joint funds of his family, or by the funds of any member thereof.

4. Savings.

This Act shall not be deemed in any way to affect

(a) The terms or incidents of any transfer of property made or effected before the commencement of this Act,

(b) The validity, invalidity, effect or consequences of anything already suffered or done before the commencement of this Act,

(c) Any right or liability created under a partition or an agreement for a partition of joint family property made before the commencement of this Act, or

(d) Any remedy or proceeding in respect of such right or liability; or to render invalid or in any way affect anything done before the commencement for this Act in any proceeding pending in a Court at such commencement; and any such remedy and any such proceeding is herein referred to may be enforced instituted or continued as the case may be, as if this Act had not been passed.

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