Admiralty Offences (Colonial) Act, 1849


Admiralty Offences (Colonial) Act, 1849

12 of 1849

1st August, 1849


An Act to provide for the Prosecution and Trial in Her Majesty’s Colonies of Offences committed within the Jurisdiction of the Admiralty. [Preamble.- Repealed by 54 and 55 Vict, C. 67.]

2. Repealed.

[Repealed by 54 and 55, Vict., c. 67.]

3. Provision, etc., where death in the colony, or at sea, etc., follows from injuries inflicted on the sea, etc.

1[* * *] Where any person shall die in any colony of any stroke, poisoning, or hurt, such person having been feloniously stricken, poisoned, or hurt upon the sea or in any haven, creek, or place where the admiral or admirals have power, authority, or jurisdiction, or at any place out of such colony, every offence committed in respect of any such case, whether the same shall amount to the offence of murder or of man slaughter, or of being accessory before the fact to murder, or after the fact to murder or manslaughter, may be dealt with, inquired of, tried, determined, and punished in such colony, in the same manner and in all respects as if such offence had been wholly committed in that colony: and if any person in any colony shall be charged with any such offence as afore said in respect of the death of any person who, having been feloniously stricken, poisoned or otherwise hurt, shall have died of such stroke, poisoning, or hurt, up on the sea, or in any haven, river, creek or place where the admiral or admirals have power, authority or jurisdiction, such offence shall be held for the purpose of this Act to have been wholly committed upon the sea.

1. Introductory words were repealed by 54 and 55 Vict., c. 67.

4. Omitted.

[Omitted as being inapplicable to India.]

5. Interpretation of “colony”.

1[* * *] For the purposes of this Act the word “colony” shall mean any island, plantation, colony, dominion, fort or factory of Her Majesty, except any island within the United Kingdom and the Islands of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney and Sark, and the lands adjacent thereto respectively 2[* * *].

1. Introductory words were repealed by 54 and 55 Vict., c. 67.

2. And includes British India; see 23 and 24 Vict., c. 88, S. I, page 22a, supra.

6. Repealed.

[Repealed by 41 and 42 Vict., c. 79.]

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