Power of Attorney – Agreements

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Power of Attorney – Agreements

Name of Form
 Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Detailed general power of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of attorney for execution and presentation before sub-registrar
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special power of Attorney to present document for registration
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of Attorney to present deed of family arrangement before registrar
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of attorney by the promoters of the company for submission of memorandum and articles of association before the registrar of companies
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) General power of attorney by a woman partner
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of Attorney by a partnership firm in favour of firms manager
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of Attorney for obtaining letters of administration
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special power of attorney for a court case
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of Attorney by landlords in favour of developers
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of Attorney by all partners of the firm ratifying the powers given by a partner for the firm
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) General power Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special Power Of Attorney For Admitting Execution
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Collect Debts
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Sell Shares
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Execute A Deed Of Sale
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Prepare A Layout & Sell Plots
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Raise Moneys And Mortgage Property
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Recover Rents
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Obtain Letters Of Administration
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney By A Company To Its Branch Manager
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney By The Partners Of A Firm To One Of Them
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Substituted Power Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney To Execute A Document
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of attorney for development of property By and in favour of developers
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of attorney for development of property By the owner
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) General Power Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney In A Court Case
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Replacement Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Revocation Of The Power Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Appointment Of An Attorney In Place Of Another
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney In A Court Case (Another Form)
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Powers Of Attorney ( Special) To Conduct Particular Case Pending In A Particular Court
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special power of attorney to conduct Sales tax proceedings
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Irrevocable Power Of Attorney
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power of attorney for sanction of building plans etc.
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney By A Partnership Firm
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) General Power Of Attorney By Company To Its Agent
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special Power Of Attorney In Sales Tax Proceedings
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special Power Of Attorney To Executive Sale Deed
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power Of Attorney For Executing Sale Deed
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Power To Attorney To Present Documents For Registration
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special Power Of Attorney In Income-Tax Case
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Special power of attorney in favour of two persons To execute sale deed

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  1. khushboo shah says:

    please give format for POWER OF ATTORNEY TO TRANSLATE the words of subscribers page IN ENGLISH

  2. dk says:


    my mom was having some immovable Properties in India. and some money in Bank.

    We are 5 Brothers and Sisters.

    MOM died by natural death in December-2012.

    Mom made a will but it takes so much stamp duty for Probate.

    Revenue Dept asks that probate is must.

    they shown me that by mutual consent we can make a family arrangement deed. for the purpose i have to take sign of all 5 of us.

    for the purpose i was driven to get power of attorney for relinquishment from rest of my NRI Bros & Sis, presently residing in different states of USA.

    Please give me necessary guidelines and any formats of such POA if possible by mail.

    Thanks in Advance.


  3. S.Mohanakumaran Nair says:

    Very useful link. I am unable to comment more than that.

  4. Imran says:

    I am staying in Sharajah, want to purchase flat in pune. My father is staying in pune. I have to make power of attorney on my father’s name. Shall my father purchase a stamp paper for Power Of Attorney in Pune ? What is format for Power Of Attorney ?

  5. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    In my opinion you should purchase the stamp paper.

  6. Can Husband & wife give GPA to a person in India in one document ?

  7. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    seperate GPA’s are better and advisable.

  8. rajiv says:

    is full payment aggrement of property is leagel if i dont do registry actually i want to sell the property and i thing this procedure can save my registry money as well

  9. confused says:

    My wife suffers from schizeophrania. She is incapable of taking any decision or even sign on the POA let alone present herself for registration of POA.We are joint holders of a property. How do i sell the property. Please advice.

  10. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    You can apply to the Court for appointing you as the manager of the property of your wife.

  11. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    for transfer of property by sale, where the property value is Rs. 100 or more, registry is compulsory.

  12. simpal says:

    Hi i am the executor of my mums will and obtained probate. The beneficiaries will be going to india to have the property registered in their name can i make a power of attorney to one of the beneficiaries to register and execute the documents and Will, i cannot travel to india. Please advise and help, thanks

  13. Vishal says:

    I have purchased a flat in Mumbai in my wife’s name with second owner as myself and done an Agreement to sell. Due to greediness of the seller, sale deed process has been delayed. Now I have been shifted to Delhi and it is very difficult for my wife to go for sale deed registration in front of sub registrar. can I go alone & get the Sale deed done. Kindly suggest the way out.

  14. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    You can take a General Power of Attorney from your wife and then you can act on her behalf and perform all the functions that she could perform.

  15. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    kindly explain whether you are the executor only or are you a beneficiary as well. Please explain more about your problem.

  16. Sanjay says:

    If the gift deed document is prepared for gifting the residential property from grandmother to her minor grandchild and she gives me – son (father of the child) the power of attorney; can I get the gift deed document registered representing my mother as power of attorney holder and also representing and signing as a guardian for my child?

    Can the power of attorney for family arrangement from donor to donee be used for registering a gift deed document for a gift of residential property from mother to son? The donor – mother is old and too weak to travel to another state for registration where the property is situated.

  17. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    I would rather suggest you to not to accept the gift as a guardian of the child. This is because of the reason that a person cannot act as an agent from both the sides. The mother of the child can become the guardian of the child.

  18. Sanjay says:

    Thanks for the reply. I understand your point.

    Can the power of attorney for family arrangement from donor to donee be used for registering a gift deed document for a gift of residential property from mother to son? The donor – mother is old and too weak to travel to another state for registration where the property is situated.

  19. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    yes, property can be transferred legally vide a power of attorney as well. But the holder should not be a beneficiary as well.

  20. I have a property in Bangalore which I want to sell. Which power of attorney should I use to transfer the right to my brother to close the deal. Also what should be the stamp paper value if the property value is 90lakhs

  21. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    you can simply execute a Special Power of Attorney giving him specific power of sale of the said property. So far as the stamp paper value is concerned, you have to seek guidance from the local office.

  22. ajit anwala says:

    dear sir

    i am a partner of a partnership firm deals in mining activities in rajasthan. i have given a general power of attorney with other partners to some one. can the general power of attorney holder sign an affidavit on behalf of each partner jointly and separately as specifically its not mentioned in that GPA.

    further could it be right to transfer a mines on behalf of all partners by a GPA holder as their is no payment made for such transfer and even its not specifically mentioned in GPA regarding transfer of mines to another company.

    if not please provide some court judgements regarding transfer of a mines is invalid through a GPA.

    thanks and regards

    ajit anwala

  23. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    your query can be answered only in a customized manner. Kindly send the copy of the said GPA’s as also the partnership deed so that our experts can study the same in a better way.

  24. shamim says:

    i want to give my POA to my father & mother,& the operation is is to be signed singly,by any of one of them, not jointly, what exact wording are to mentioned

  25. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    POA need not be signed by the agent, although there is no restriction as such on the agent to sign the same. So far as wordings are concerned, certain important details need to be known and the POA can be drafted by us in a customized manner.

  26. Dear Sir,
    we have bought a piece of land near ratnagiri in a group. myself residing in pune. i dont know much of the legal procedures reqd.

    1. can i give POA for handling anything/everything related to this land to one of them(he is also my friend).
    2. is it reqd to also register this POA?
    3. i dont know the current valuation of this land. how wud this matter?
    best regards

  27. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    You can give POA for management and for taking care of the land. There is no need to get the POA registered in such matters. Current valuation of the land does not matter where the POA is given only for management and up-keep of the property.

  28. Dear Jastej Sir,
    Thanks a lot for all your help and efforts.
    i hope this POA Would also take care if the property is decided to be sold or developed or cultivated.
    Thanks again

  29. raj says:

    I am in assam and i want to sell property in madurai (tamilnadu). Can i give POA to my mom. Pl advice.

  30. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    So far as development and cultivation is concerned, this POA will be effective. However, where a POA for sale is to be given, then you first have to consult the local authority in this regard as to whether the POA for selling can be executed or not without registration.

  31. MRawat says:


    I am currently in UK,and would like to register my flat in Pune though POA to my father.Please let me know how I need to print the POA i.e. is it compulsory to be on the stamp paper or I can get it printed on plain paper and get it signed and attested at Indian Consulate here.Please advice sir,as I am running out of time and can not travel back due to small baby.Thanks

  32. we r 6 brothers and we have our 6 wives, can we give general power of attorney to our father to deal in the matter of acquisition oand further sale of land at our native place.
    i mean can we all 12 sign one deed in favor of our father

  33. HI
    I am a british national (person of indian origin) living in the uk. I have a house in my name in Goa, I need to give a POA to my brother in law to look after and rent my house. He needs a POA to approach the panchayat, municipal authorities, elect dept. etc. What kind of POAcan I send him?

  34. My sister is a person of indian origin settled in uk and now she is british citizen. she bought a flat some time back and now she wants sell it away. as she is not in a position to come to india to personally to execute the sale deed, can she provide a GPA to me to exeute the sale deed on her behalf. what the format and procudre for the GPA. the property is situted at Hyderabad. kedly advise. A. Vidya.

  35. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Well, your sister have to send a GPA with the power of sale from England. She can do so by sending the GPA after getting it notarized and embossed from the Indian Embassy in UK.

  36. Khan feroze says:

    I need the information and template of required documents to open a branch office in qatar for a company based in Portugal

    Information need
    1. Do we still need a local sponsor with 51-49% or it can b owned 100% by company owner in purtugal

    2. Do we need to deposit 200,000 qar for showing capital in branch office account or no need

    3. Can the branch office operate at contracting. & trading other than supervision services.

    4. Can i have a template of Special power of attorney from head office purtugal for qatar authorities mentioning the incharge who will manage the branch office in qatar

    I would appreciate your assistance in this regard

  37. shilpa says:

    I stay in Europe and wish to send a Specific POA to my mother for sale of one perticular property in India. Can you please tell me the prcedure and send me the format of Special Power of Attorney to my e-mail id with required and must Details so that we will not miss anything??

  38. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Special power of attorney can made only in a customized manner.

  39. smit says:

    Good day
    I am interested in purchasing a flat in Pune, jointly with my wife and we are both currently in USA due to our jobs and believe we can not be present for property purchase transaction as well as for the registration of the proerty whenever it comes to that.

    We would like to make a family member at Pune, the attorney with all the power required with the help of POA. What is recommended in this case? Do, me and my wife have to create two separate POAs and follow the typical procedure or only POA can be created and we both sign the POA as executants/principals. Is this acceptable? What’s standard procedure here?

    One more question, regarding the format of G-POA, does one need to leave a marked space for Attorney signature on the last page of POA that will be notarized/attested by public notary/Indian Consulate/state govt, etc?
    I don’t want to leave place for attorney signature, if it’s not needed. What’s practiced POA created by NRI, attorney signs or just leave space for them to sign? Please advise.


  40. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Two or more Donors can appoint an attorney in one POA. Similarly, donors can also appoint more than one attorney. It can also be provided whether the powers in the POA must be done by executed by all attorneys, or by any of them. This choice depends on the wishes of the Donor and the requirements of that appointment.
    A copy of the power of attorney should be notarized with the Indian consulate in the respective country which will provide authenticity on their behalf for an investment in property in India. The property can be registered in the name of the NRI, and the power of attorney holder can sign on their behalf by producing a copy of the power of attorney to the appropriate authorities. Once the POA/GPA is received by the attorney holder, he can pay the stamp duty within 3 months. The stamp duty payable sometimes differ from State to State.

  41. Smit says:

    Great. Thanks a lot Jastej. On that other question, I don’t need to leave any space on last page of copy of POA (that consulate will notarize), for my agent/attorney in India to sign later and only witnesses, principal and indian consulate’s signatures are required on copy of POA that I take to indian consulate, correct? I know that these signatures have to be done infront of notary public/consulate.

    Thanks again!

  42. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Yes there is no need leave any space. There is no requirement under the Power of Attorney Act 1882 as such that it should be signed by the person in whose favor the attorney is made.

  43. Smit says:

    Thank you Jastej. You are awsome!

  44. Seema says:

    We have a house in Pune in the name of my husband and mother in law. Planning to rent it out as we are in another city. Both cannot travel to Pune for registering the rental agreement. If i have to go for registering the rental agreement what kind of POA do i need to carry? Can the POA be done in my current city?

  45. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    your husband and mother-in-law should give you a General Power of Attorney wherein powers of management and giving the property on rent on their should be given to you. Yes, the GPA can be done in your current city.

  46. priya says:

    Someone can misuse the general power of attorney in case of house property and what are the charges for reregistration of property.

  47. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    There are many cases nowadays wherein the GPA has been misused. It is therefore always recommended that GPA should be given in favor of a person of high integrity and a close associate. Charges of registration of property should be verified from the registering authority. It differs from State to State.

  48. The Power of Attorney giving the powers for purchase of property on your name has to executed before the Notary in Sharjah or the Indian Embassy in Sharjah and sent to your father in Pune.

  49. T.SIVAKUMAR says:

    tamil nadu land owener of Malaysia how to sale

  50. ajay says:

    All the three partners of a partnership firm gave POA to one person,manager of the firm . Now, can one partner out of three revoke his POA ?

  51. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    In a partnership firm, a partner is, as such also an agent of the other. One partner can execute a contract on behalf of the other with any specific POA in this regard. However, for proper reply, the partnership agreement is needed to be perused.

  52. Dear Administrator,
    Could you please send me a copy of GPOA so that my brother who lives abroad can give me a POA to buy property on his behalf here in India. None of agreements / POA is downloadable from your website. Please could you send me a sample copy ? Will i be charged for this ?

  53. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    preparation of documents can only be done in a customized manner.

  54. jagadeesh says:

    Hello sir how should i prepare poa for empowering the applicant to apply. i am applying for provisional registration certificate for SSI. help me

  55. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The POA can be made in a customized manner only.

  56. Rajesh S G says:

    I am planning to buy a property in Pune, Maharashtra. And the property is on joint ownership. The second owner is aged and may not be able to be available for property registration due to health issue . What can be done in this case, please suggest.

    Thanks & Regards,

  57. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The second owner can give a GPA to the first owner or someone else to execute the sale deed on his behalf.

  58. Gayathri says:

    i have a question as to the consumer court. is it required/necessary for the party to be personally present in a consumer forum (alike a civil court) at the time of filing evidence. or can an advocate appear on their behalf.

    thank you,

  59. Vpin says:

    Hi , I am residing in USA and want to purchase a property in Pune. I have my younger brother in Pune whom I want to send my general POA. Is there any Must requirment that I have to register my POA in pune registrar office before it can be used to register the property ? Cann’t notarized copy be enough to register my property ?

  60. C.V.Naik says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son and his wife have jointly purchased a flat in Pune which is under construction. He is 1st purchaser and his wife 2nd purchaser. He is in service abroad and my daughter-in-law (e.g. 2nd purchaser) is also in service but not in Pune.
    As soon as they get possession of the flat, they desire to give the flat on rent on leave and license basis. For registration of leave and license agreement, they however cannot present themselves before sub-registrar Pune.
    They are therefore selling the flat immediately after getting possession. My son is coming India in August 2013 on leave for one or two weeks. He desires to give a power of attorney in my favour for signing on his behalf, an agreement of sale for selling the flat when he will be abroad. I am told that for executing such power of attorney as per Bombay Stamp Act, 5% Stamp duty of the property value is required .
    I think as and as when one actual sale the property, whatever stamp duty necessary as per law will be paid while registering the legal document. Why one should pay stamp duty for executing POA .
    Will you please advise me in the matter?
    With regards
    C V Naik

  61. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The stamp duty is payable on different documents in a different way. The stamp duty is governed by the Indian Stamp Act. Whatever rules are made, the same are made keeping in view the permissible limits of the Indian Stamp Act. If any rule made by the authority is violative of the Stamp Act, then the same can be struck down. However, there is a presumption that the rules made by the competent authority must be within the permissible limits of the given statute.

  62. Priya says:

    Currently I’m residing in USA & want to buy a property in Pune. I have my younger brother in Pune whom I want to send my general Power Of Attorney.
    Do I have to register my power of attorney in registrar office OR notarization will be enough?

  63. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The non-resident Indians who are staying abroad may enter into an agreement through their relatives and/or by executing the Power of Attorney in their favour as it is not possible for them to be present for completing the formalities of purchase (negotiating with the builder or Developer, drafting and signing of agreements, taking possession, etc.). An NRI needs to sign the power of attorney before a consulate officer and a notary (available at UPS stores in US or any Bank) in the country of his residence. The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer.The PoA (Power of Attorney) then needs to be sent to India and should be presented for adjudication within three months.

  64. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The non-resident Indians who are staying abroad may enter into an agreement through their relatives and/or by executing the Power of Attorney in their favour as it is not possible for them to be present for completing the formalities of purchase (negotiating with the builder or Developer, drafting and signing of agreements, taking possession, etc.). An NRI needs to sign the power of attorney before a consulate officer and a notary (available at UPS stores in US or any Bank) in the country of his residence. The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer.The PoA (Power of Attorney) then needs to be sent to India and should be presented for adjudication within three months.

  65. Mohan says:

    hello sir
    I am stationed in US, and i have given special POA to my mother in india to sell the property in Bangalore.
    the buyer approached the bank with my GPA copy to check if they will release the loan on the GPA. The bank is asking the seller( that is me) to be in India for this purpose. Do the bank lack knowledge in addressing NRI’s process of selling. When i have given the POA and it is signed by the Notary in US, why do they expect me to be there. Please advise how to convince the bank?

  66. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    I actually insist upon the authentication by the Indian Consulate Office and often suggest people to prefer the same over the notary. However, notarized GPA is also valid and permissible.

  67. Harry says:

    Hi…I have an ancestral property from my father to my mother and 3 children. Should I use the special POA format authorizing my mother to sell the property on behalf of all of us. My mother is an Indian citizen, while all of us are not. Do we need to obtain PIO ?

  68. Manish says:

    I own a property in india with my wife and we both live in malaysia on resident visa. We want to sell but my wife can not travel with me. If i prepare a special power of attorney (mentioning property details) executed by Malaysia Notary Public is it acceptable? Embassy don’t attest this document.

  69. kk says:

    Hi, I am an NRI residing in US. I’m taking a home loan from LIC Housing Finance for purchasing property in India. I want my Dad to be my Attorney. LIC has given me a format for PoA as a word doc. I’m going to visit Indian Consulate in person.

    I’m confused about the “Apostille” requirement of the Consulate. As in, if that applies to Power of Attorney done in person in Consulate.

    I though all I have to do is: Go to Consulate with that PoA doc filled and sign in front of Consulate officer, then send it to my Dad who in turn will sign it and get it notarized.

    My question is – Do I need to go to the “State Secretary Office” and get this PoA document apostilled? Or is this only necessary in case you are NOT visiting Consulate in person? Who would be witnesses in either case?


  70. Balbir says:

    Myself and my wife booked a flat and now flat is ready for Possession and registry. My wife is out of India. Can I have a POA to get it registered in favour of both without her presence. Secondly POA should be registered in that case.


  71. anbarasan says:

    Dear sir,
    I am working as marine engineer, now i am on board, recently my wife seen advertisement for LPG gas dealership, She would like to apply in her name.She has to show 10 lacks worth of liquidate funds like bank bal, FD , MF and Shares, Due lack fund in her name, She requested show my bank balances and FDs. To show my funds in her name that i have sign on affidavit in presence of Notary. Since I am sailing in ship, It is not possible sign my affidavit, But i have given General power attorney to my wife. Can u advise is it possible my wife can sign behalf of me in notary affidavit. IF no, kindly advice is it any other way.

  72. Sunil says:

    Have a legal question and would appreciate an answer with some Supreme court or high court similar judgements if any with context to the current case.

    If a British national with PIO initially and then later to OCI signed an MOU in 2006 for the purchase of Agricultural land in Goa. He later paid them advance of 1.5 lakhs and then took the owners to court for trying to dishonour the MOU. He kept the payment pending and as the owners were badly in need of money, he subsequently settled the property purchase with the original owners by getting a decree from the court in his favour in 2009 through consent with the original owners. My question, is this transaction legal? Can foreigners buy agricultural land in India?

    A sale deed was then made in june 2009 wherein the british national is a confirming party and an indian national is a dummy purchaser as the money is paid by the confirming party. Since the sub registrar refused to entertain to register the sale deed because he was a foreigner.

    So the british national then takes a power of attorney from the indian national wherein it mentions that the british national (name only) has agreed to purchase from the original owner the plot and later in the same power of attorney the indian national says that at the request of the british national (name only) i have agreed to purchase the property in my name to be transferred back to him after the sand of conversion of the property from agricultural to non agricultural is obtained.

    Later the dummy purchaser indian national says in the power of attorney that it is not possible for me to pursue the application for conversion; hence i nominate and constitute the british national to be my constituted attorney to do, execute or cause to be done or executed in my name and on my behalf the following acts, deeds and things, viz.

    1. to administer and manage the above property and to do all such acts of administration as my said attorney may deem fit and proper, if necessary, attending to and appearing before any government or semi government offices or authorities including mamlatdar, collectors and or deputy collectors, all courts – civil, criminal, revenue or any appellate courts or to file or defend cases, suits, applications, including conversion or mutation or any other proceedings before all such courts or authorities and local bodies including town and country planning dept, planning and development authorities, electricity department, co-operative societies etc and to make or give statements declarations or evidence on oath, to sign, verify, affirm or swear applications, affidavits, pleadings, petitions, appeal, before all such courts or authorities.

    2. And generally to do, execute and perform any other acts, deed or deeds, things or matters whatsoever which in the opinion of our attorney, ought to be lawfully done, executed and or performed ancillary or incidental thereto as fully and effectually as i myself could do the same if i were personally present.

    3. And i do hereby agree and undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever my said attorney shall lawfully do, execute, under the power in that behalf herein before contained or conferred under or by virtue of this power of attorney.

    My question is, is this procedure of purchasing property correct in the eyes of indian law? If so then what measures can be taken to take the british national to court and how to proceed into the matter?

    Will appreciate your kind suggestions..

  73. Sunil says:

    Dear Sir,

    Had a query regarding the Power of Attorney….Can a Indian National give his power of attorney to a british national? Is this valid for property conversion from agricultural to non agricultural? Is this transaction legal way of purchasing agricultural property?

    Please suggest your views.


  74. Manisha says:

    I have purchase a plot in a housing cooperative society with my brother. My brother was ill and he registered a GPA in favour of me.through this GPA he authorise me . I did a registered gift deed in favour of myself on the behalf of my brother. After two month he died. Concern development authority and housing society did mutation. After one month he died. Question is whether this gift deed is valid in the eye of law. Manu.

  75. HEMANT GHODE says:


    My father had done the power of attorney of half portion of our plot and we need to cancel the power of attorney and agreement.So please suggest.

  76. tanya desai says:

    a poa executed in mumbai enabling my daughter to sell my house in delhi is valid?
    is a power of attorney state specific?

  77. Your Name... says:

    we are six brother sisters. My father make property in delhi one shop(where my elder brother is working) and one house in delhi. others all setteled and have no issue for property. but one of my sister is divorced with a girl child living with my younger brother in parents house and with mammi. but now my younger brother is worried about property and he cleverly make a sale deed from my mammi for that house in his wifes name. and he made lots of trouble to my sister. she is in depression because she cannot live alone and my mom cannot live withouthis son.I am in canada I have another house in her name but she is in depression she cannot live alone. No body want to cure her. elder brother took shop. Now my mom is upset. no body listen to her about my sister. My question is is my sister have a right in that property. My father expired and all property is in my mammi name after him.please give me suggession.

  78. Gita says:

    What value of Stamp Paper do I need to make assigning a POA for sale of flat in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    I am seeing 2 different values mentioned, Can you pls give the correct value:
    is it on Non-Judicial 100/- or Non-Judicial 500/-
    Thanks for your help!

  79. Dinesh says:

    I am living in UK and I would like to sell a property in India on my name. I will like to let the power to my father. So my plan is to ask my father to approach the agents who does the Registration paper works, get the POA written (may be in Regional Language – Tamil) and get them sent to me. I will go to High commission in London and get this authenticated by HC. Will the HCs attest the documents written in Regional Language? Is that all I should do?

    Thanks in Advance

  80. kishore says:

    I am a NRI and I invested money to build 1 individual House and bought 1 apartment in Andhra Pradesh. .
    Due to my travel schedule I was not there during the time of registration and hence registered both House and Apartment on my fathers name . now that I want to register House and Apartment in my name through gift deed(?). I have a sister who is married 10 years ago. Please advice me the necessary clauses to include in the gift deed to make sure in future i should able to sell or build house in the property without any intervention from my parents nor from my sister.

    Also can i use Special Power of Attorney for gift deed registration as i am residing in out side of

    India (USA) and unable to attend to registar/sub registar office ?.

    Please advise in detail.


  81. Augustin E A says:

    Sr, njan oru leksham rupa kadam vagiyappol mukthiyar ragister koduthirunnu panam thirichu koduthappol mukthiyar njan rathuchithu appolanu ariyounnath ee aall ee sthalam vera randu aalluda peril ragiter chaithathirunnu,ee anta sthalathinte rakhakal allam anta kayil ond ,kodathiyil cassinte vijarana kazhinju ethinta vithie anikku anukoolamaakille

  82. Your Name... says:

    subragistar offies

  83. RS7173 says:

    My husband is in USA now.His father passed away and the property was self acquired by my father-in-law and there is no will.
    Can my husband give a GPA to my brother for signing the partition of his father’s property ?
    We have already given a registered GPA in my brother’s name 2 years back. Can we use it now for the partition ?

  84. My son presently in Hong Kong wants to purcahse a residential site and is unable to come for the purpose. Can I his father register the property in my name and have it transferred to him later through a gift deed. Will such a gift deed represent a proper and valid transfer of title to him ? what will be the cost of such a gift deed transfer ? Please give relavnt laws for my guidance

  85. RAJAN says:

    One brother after giving POA to another brother died after two years. The land is sold by the brother after converting as plot based on the above POA after 7 years of First brother dies. This plot is sold before 3 years and also registered and name tranfer also came in gazatte.

    Is this sale of Plot is valid or not? can you give clarity.

  86. I have purchased a piece of land at Rajiv Nagar, Patna, Bihar , which is Govt. Accquired Area (likely to be free within a short term as per notification of Bihar Govt.)The other land in the same area sold through Power of Attorney & WILL by other peoples. I want to know that which type of power of attorney, I have to made for legal right of the land. Is the power of attorney seizes the limits and rights after death of executant or donor. My land lord is no ready to give WILL against the said land.

    Kindly suggest what I have to do for getting legal rights of the above said land.

  87. seenu says:

    hi sir,
    I am currently residing in USA and purchased a flat in Chennai.I just want to give power of attorney to my brother in law for further proceedings(agreements,registration) and all. Kindly let me know what is the POA document I need to download. The builders said they don’t need POA in stamp paper.White paper is fine and it should be authorized by embassy here. Tell me how to proceed on this.

  88. Jade says:


    We are from Lagos, Nigeria. My father died Interstate(2006), we went ahead and applied for Administration of Estate which we have secured, last year.

    Am now married, i was one of the administratrix and my mum. Now i want my younger brother to deal with everything.how do i couch the POA to suit the new arrangement?

    Thank you.

  89. Reddy says:

    Hi sir,
    iam working abroad and i purchased one plot in India when i came for vacation and not able to Register . now I given Power of attorney to my wife on my behalf to register that plot on my name. is it safe to do on my behalf ? and tell me how safe if we do it like this.

  90. Pankaj Singh says:

    I am presently situated abroad. My father wishes to transfer a property on my name in the format of gift deed. As I am not present there to accept it I wish to appoint my mother(POA) to accept the deed on my behalf. I need a format of this POA which I can get attested here from the Indian Embassy. Hope you have understood my request and would be kind enough to reply as soon as possible.
    High regards,

  91. Abhi111 says:

    Hi ,

    I am presently working in Singapore and I have finalized an built flat in Bangalore. Due to my work exigencies, I am unable to go to India for the Sale agreement. On behalf of me, I have asked my brother to sign the agreement. Now, to authorize the agreement, I need the special power of attorney form mentioning the same condition.
    Could you please send me the special power of attrorney which I can use and attest in the India Embassy.


  92. suresh patel says:

    My Parents (Both Father & Mother Died naturally). My father left 3 properties at Mumbai: Bandra & Nallasopara & One at Gujarat-Navsari. Father has not made any will. But right from the childhood i stayed with me parents at Bandra. My elder brother after his marriage in the year 2000 stayed alone at Fathers property at Nallasopara. My sister stayed with me at bandra. My brother has transferred his rationing name cut from Bandra and transfered to Nallasopara. When my parents were alive my elder brother took the original purchase document of Nallasopara property. I am not knowing what he has done to it. Can you please suggest in the absence of Fathers Will Bandra property will be given to whom. Bandra property is under SRA development and the possession is expected within next 1 year. My father has signed & shown only his, my name, sister name in Tenancy occupancy deed with the builder. now can you please suggest who will be owner of Bandra Property between 3 of us (My elder brother-Hitesh-Nallasopara, Suresh-Bandra, Sister-Geeta (bandra). How the name will be transferred.

    Please suggest.


  93. chetan says:

    Sir, me and my wife have purchased a joint property in india , we are leaving in dubai and we want to file a case against a builder in india… we have appointed a lawyer and he has prepared a petition to be submitted to consumer court.. we have decided to give POA to my friend for same… please advise how can i notarise the docs of POA and petition since am staying in dubai…

  94. Ronnie S. says:

    Respected Sir,

    My father, 80 yrs of age, is suffering from heart problems (Ventricular Failure and Atrial Fibulation) since past 1 & half year. He is now deteriorating health wise as well as mentally (Alzheimer’s i.e. short & long term memory loss). Over and above that, Parkinson’s is slowly setting in with the result he is unable to write or sign on any of the documents viz. application forms, cheques, etc. I’m single with no siblings and have relinquished my full time job to look after him. I now work part time from home.
    You are requested to guide me as to how do I go about preparing a Power of Attorney to execute important documents on his behalf. What are the necessary things that I must keep in mind while preparing a Power of Attorney?
    A detailed reply would be appreciated.

  95. Patel N says:

    i studied in republic of belarus ,i came back to india in 2010 . and now i m migrating to usa . to obtain police clearance certificate from belarus i need to give power of attorney to my friend / relative . is it possible to give him POA in his absence in india , bcs he lives in belarus .

  96. Anish shah says:

    My mother and I (her son) reside in uk. Mother owns property in Mumbai 100%. She wants to give me general power of attourney. Can we make a GPA while in Mumbai for two weeks and is it accepted when she wants to sell the property that I come on her behalf back to Mumbai from uk and sell the property

  97. MILIND NAHAR says:

    very very useful links
    all the drafts provided are including all legal aspects


  98. lalit singh chauhan says:

    please give me format for power of attorney to use my fathers arms license for security while he is on army duty…

  99. mohammed farooque says:

    sir me karachi me rehta hn mere house ka masla ye hai k leasee ne apni lease k behalf par three GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEYS different naam se dy hai without any revocatioin and publish ad in newspaper kia ye teenon GENERAL POWERS valid hain? agar nae to in per kia qanooni karowae ki jasakti hai ek GENERAL POWER MAIN TO NIC main jo sign hain wo birgees hai jbky in madam ne power pe jo sign kiey hain usmain ye birjis begum likha h sign ki jaga , third GENERAL POWER GULSHAN KI BAJAE KEMARI TOWN ME BANWAI GAE HAI

  100. Hi,
    Sir my mother-in-law has property( Flat )in mumbai… which she purchased from her brother in her mothers name, the said property was purchased by her brother from the very first owner but the problem is this all deals where done through power of attorney…..Now pls tell me how this flat can be transfered in the name of my mother-in-law…. as she wants to do so….

    how it can be done with paying very less amount first of all is it possible to do so…. and what are the things and legalities are required….

  101. Madhur Jain says:

    4 diffenrent land owners owned adjacent lands. All of them entered into a development agreement with a builder to construct a building and all of them gave power of attorney to the builder to do the samr. Unfortunately before the completion of the building, one of the land owners died. How does this affect the arrangement? Builders usually get into a supplementary agreement with the legal heir of the deceased but in this case the legal heir has refused to sign the supplementary agreement. What should be done?

  102. My son owns a villa and admeasuring plot in Kerala. What will be stamp paper value for documenting a power of attorney in my name (grantee)from son (grantor). He is working abroad. I have one from him on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly notarized, but lately came to know that per supreme court rule nation-wide it should be a registered power of attorney on Rs. 500/- stamp paper. Can you or elseone enlighten me please. Thanks

  103. venugopal says:

    i am presently living in abroad with my family and i would like to give my house in rental.On behalf of me i asked my mother in low to do sign in the agreement paper.let me know the document is valied if she is doing signature.this agreement is only for 3 months and making new one after reaching me.Please give your kind advice as early as possible


  104. murali says:

    Can gpa holder file a divorce petition mutual consent? Is there any case law.
    Thank you

  105. K Bhatheja says:

    My self & my son are joint owner of a flat in Delhi. My son wants to include the name of his mother as a 3rd joint owner. He is not in Delhi, but is likely to visit delhi for a short period. I understand that a Special Power of Attorney is reqd to be given by him Kindly advise the format & the procedure for the same.

  106. arora says:


    I am living in delhi and want to buy a flat in delhi but the registery of that area is not open.Is POA is safe way to buy that flat and if safe then which mode of POA is better?General or durable?

  107. RAJEEV says:

    Dear Sir,

    I purchase a plot at sohna road,Gurgaon (Haryana) from a lady who hold the full and final payment agreement and original registry paper of earlier owner of the property and she sold the same plot to me and not doing registry to me. I told the several times for registry to that lady and property dealer but they are not taking any action. Also I paid 85% amount by cheque to her. After three month she is saying that the plot is joint name and the owner is two ladies one is staying in india and one is staying in bangladesh, when ever she will come to india , will inform you and get registry to your name. I dont understand the matter what is going on, she is saying right or wrong. what can I do and what action I take, please advice me.



  108. Samir Maity says:

    I am living with my wife and two daughters at the land purchased by my father-in-law. My brother-in-law along with his family is also residing within the land area. We do not know the position of the land now, i.e. who owns the land. If we see that the land is in the name of my brother-in-law, what legal action should we take?

    Please let me know how we show that my wife is one of the heirs of her late father, who purchased the land by spending his own income? How it will be possible to get our possession within the land permanently?

  109. Satbir Singh says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I have just sold my Car to another Party. I have given them all the papers required with the car, except the copy of my Cars RC, which is lost with the copy of FIR of my lost RC. Now, that person to whom I sold my Car has asked me to hand over him a Power of Attorney so that he can get a Duplicate RC from the Transport Authority on my behalf and then again want to apply for the Transfer of RC in his name. So, now Sir, I request you to kindly mail me the format of the Power of Attorney in his name, so that he can get a duplicate RC on my behalf.
    Thanking you
    Yours Affectionately,
    Satbir Singh

  110. Savita says:

    I am planning to purchase flat in Mumbai. Owner is planning to go to Dubai shortly so POA will be his wife. I would like to know step by step procedure to purchase flat under POA.

  111. Radha says:

    My father has a flat in Navi Mumbai, but at present he is in bad health in Tamilnadu and can only make thumb impression even to collect his pension. Though he has nominated my mother’s name for the ownership of the said flat at Navi Mumbai, he wishes to transfer the same in my mother’s name completely now itself, while he is alive. Both my parents cannot travel to Mumbai. Please advice some remedy in terms of Power of Attorney in whose name? or whether the transfer of name can take place according to the provisions of the Co-operative Society Bye-laws itself?

  112. ap says:

    A US based company if wants to authorize their employee in India to take decisions on their behalf, will a general power of attorney suffice or is their a specific format for US companies?

  113. Niranjan says:

    I am an NRI. I have a fradulent civil case against me in India. I attended a couple of hearings, and have now given general power of attorney to a trusted person. I hear that there is a new rule saying that i cannot fight the case in India, while being in the US. Is that true? If so, is it not injustice for me as I have to sacrifice either my career or my property?

  114. K.R. Potnis says:

    My brother-in-law has migrated to USA from Mumbai in 1998. He is now US citizen. He wants to rent out his flat in co-op. society. at Parle. Can he prepare POA in USA signed by Notary there and send it to me? Will Indian Embassy in USA sign his POA if he is not Indian Citizen now?

  115. Sir,
    I am going to purchase a plot belongs to a company which runs with two partners. Because of illness one partner given power of attorney to the second. But the power document not been registered with local registration office. Is it nececessary the power draft to be registered so that to execute a valid sale deed ect…by the second partner. Pl reply sir immediately

  116. SIVA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am in India and My friend who is a Uk citizen and his wife who holds a french citizenship ,both residing in uk for the past 10 yrs. They want to give me a POA in order to sign bank documents and to sign in registrar office if and when they want to buy or sell any properties.Could you please tell me right POA form I have to send them where both can put their names and declare me as with poa. As they say 2 separate forms takes lots of notary charges and complications with processing time in Indian embassy in uk. Awaiting your valuable advice and the right POA form.
    Many Thanks

  117. Madina says:

    Dear Sir,
    could you please advice, if a citizen of Uzbekistan can draw a PoA in Sharjah for sending it to Uzbekistan. PoA for sale of house? What documents are needed for this action. Please advice contacts where we can make it.
    Thank you in advance.

  118. Vijay Gaware says:

    Dear Sir – I reside in Mumbai and will be traveling to USA shortly. I have purchased a property in Dombivali (Kalyan) which is already registered in my name but construction is still going on and will be completed by Dec-2014. The builder has asked for POA so that property possession and society related transactions can be done by the person. My queries are:
    1. Builder is asking me to register the POA? Is this necessary? I assume, I will have to 1% of the property valuation for the registration. What all are the charges?
    2. If registration is mandatory, can I register the POA in Mumbai sub-registrar office or do I need to register it in Kalyan office?


  119. Hello sir,
    We are going to purchase a flat in pune so we did GPOA and attested from indian consulet new york. Builder said notarization on 500 rupees stamp paper is ok…no need to register…. Is it correct???
    Thanks & Regards
    Mrs. Kulkarni.

  120. Sir I am staying Dubai with my family. My wife is going to India on holiday to India and I would like to give the POA to her as I am buying office property in Pune ( Maharashtra India. So I would like to have the format of the POA so that I can get it attested by the Indian consulate here

  121. Sundar says:


    My wife & I stay in Hongkong and have bought a plot in Indore which we now need to register. The plot is bought as joint holders. My wife will be going to India but I will not be able to. The question is while she can execute the registration as one of the holders can I give her a POA to execute on my behalf too? OR do I need to give a POA to a third party (one who is not a joint holder). How do I go about the POA – do I need to get this prepared in Hongkong or get it done in India and notarised by Indian consulate. Thanks.

  122. Dipak says:

    Hello, i have purchased a flat in kolkata this year. i have made a sale agreement registry for the same flat not the sale deed as the flat is not yet ready. but now the landlord s of the plot are saying that the sale agreement is not valid as when i have done my sale agreement registry just before 10 days of that the landlord revoked the Power of attorney of the promoter which I was not informed at all. so is it true that my Sale agreement is not valid now?

  123. Hitesh Patel says:


    I and my wife jointly own an apartment in Thane, Maharashtra. We both are currently in USA. We are planning to sell that apartment in Maharashtra and buy another house in Gujarat. We want to give general PoA to my father-in-law to complete this sell / buy of properties. Is it possible for me and my wife to give PoA to her father? I have heard that we cannot do that as he is not a blood relative. People are saying that I have to first give PoA to my wife and then she can give it to her father as a blood relative. Is this necessary? Does he still need to register that PoA in India once he receives there?

    Please advise. Thanks.

  124. Hitesh Patel says:

    I and my wife jointly own an apartment in Thane, Maharashtra. We both are currently in USA. We are planning to sell that apartment in Maharashtra and buy another house in Gujarat. We want to give general PoA to my father-in-law to complete this sell / buy of properties. Is it possible for me and my wife to give PoA to her father? I have heard that we cannot do that as he is not a blood relative. People are saying that I have to first give PoA to my wife and then she can give it to her father as a blood relative. Is this necessary? Does he still need to register that PoA in India once he receives there?

    Please advise. Thanks.

  125. Anonymous says:


    I have a land in Pune,and doing joint venture with a builder. I need to give Power of Attorney to my cousin to sign the papers for joint venture. Please suggest what POA I can use and it’s format.


  126. Vijay Kumar says:

    we want to made a Power of Attorney for Sales Tax Matter Proceeding. How Mauch amount stamp paper is require for the same.

  127. Sam says:

    I’m in UAE. I need to sell one of my Flat in chennai – Tamil Nadu.

    Please let me know which POA format to be used for selling purpose. I’m giving power to my Father

  128. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Could you kindly provide me the requirements for POA to be valid? viz Is notarization mandatory? Witnesses compulsory? If yes/no under what provisions of the act and section?

    The matter is : 5 directors of the company gave POA in favour of MD (The POA of at least 3 directors seem to have been forged) to sign the prospectus of the firm which was submitted to the Registrar of Companies who admitted and registered. Then the said company went for public subscription. Now there is a petition filed by the ROC against all the directors u/s 68. The POA has only signatures of the donor(s) and does not have either witnesses signatures nor notarized? Is such a POA maintainable before a court of Law? If no, then can you kindly let me have some citations related to this?

  129. Rohit says:

    I have done a deal of Flat in Pune. Person from whom i have purchase is staying in Dubai. If i want to do agreement can he send his Power of Attorney in any one of his realative and friends name for registration of Agreement.

  130. Rocky Dias says:

    Hi all,

    I have a power of attorney on my name of the mundkarial land which my mother has given to me who is very old and not keeping well. So i want to transfer the same mundkarial land on my name. What should i do?

  131. ponmani says:

    sir my mother is schizoprenic patieent she is having property she have four son,one son is died.and he married .now we three want to share the property.how we will divide the property .

  132. jos says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to appoint an attorney to sell my property in Goa so can i prepare a GPOA by buying stamp paper in Mumbai and do the notary and register it in Goa.

  133. Anonymous says:

    there are total two partners.
    can one partner who is going abroad for extended period give POA to his father to handle his interests in the company.
    Please give advice. Is there a special format for this type of POA.

  134. Vinod says:

    My son is going to USA for higher studies. Can you suggest a format & content of a GPA to be signed by him in my favour for acts & deeds which I can do on his behalf. Also, does this kind of GPA require Registry with registrar’s office or a notarized GPA is good enough and accepted.

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  136. vijay says:

    we r partnership firm of 5 partners.we are civil contractors.we have given a genera power of attorney to one of our partners.By misusing the P.A. he is misapporpriating funds.how to withdra his power of attorney and suspend his bank account operating rights.

  137. Erin says:

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  141. Shilps says:

    What are documents for required both ; one in whose name POA is to be created and who has been given attorney, required for creating POA for house sale deed.

  142. pq says:

    my husband owns a flat in the building which is going under redevelopment. Me and my husband both are working abroad and will not be available to do the documentation formalities with the developers. Since my husband is currently on leave he has given the POA to his sister in person. over and above that in case if his sister is not able to carry out the same my husband wants to make a poa for me (his wife) as well. is this ok

  143. Kapil says:

    Please provide solution to this query :
    A husband and wife are co-applicants in a loan. Later on husband goes out of India and gives POA to his wife. After closure of the loan, when the wife goes to collect the original property documents, how many signatures should she do.
    (1) Only 1 as she is the POA holder on behalf of the husband or
    (2) 2 – One her own signature because she is the coapplicant and second on behalf of her husband because she is the POA holder on his behalf.
    Please revert back urgently.

  144. Nandan says:

    Thanks to VakilNo1 team for Excellent and very helpful blog.

    I was in process of understanding the legal validity of buying and selling using GPA on behalf of an NRI.

    I am interested in buying a flat in Bangalore, Owner(Mr. Krishna) of the flat is not in India. he has purchased the flat form his brother in law (Mr. Ravi) making his other brother in law (Mr. Suresh) as power of attorney couple of years before and now owner wants to sell the property and has authorised his brother in law suresh to sell the property. in this ravi, suresh and owner’s wife of property are siblings all are married and living separately. I have the following questions with respect to this, request your response.

    1. Is the buying and selling of a property on behalf of person not in INDIA by the same power of attorney valid legally?
    2. In future if the siblings or the owner, ravi, suresh get into conflict can the sale validity be questioned legally, which will impact the buyer. Can this lead to question on the ownership of the property.
    3. Is there any possibility based on any conflicts arising between siblings and current owner in future, current owner can take advantage of buyer in any way.
    4. Is there any other implications, if wanted to sell this property in future by current buyer with respect to valuation or ownership question.
    5. Is there any which will avoid all the above and other legal issues and still this flat can brought.


    Declaration : all the names indicated in this are not actual names, it is just a general and test name used and does not intent to hurt any body with same name and relations of them.

  145. EllaR says:

    Can my NRI husband give POA to myself – a NRI wife ..? We both hold OCI cards and live in Australia. The property held in my husband’s name only – was bought over 30 years ago as NRI. – but due to work and health issues, I prefer to take POA and execute the sale.

    Secondly, as NRI, will the power agent have to produce additional documents validating ties to India?

    Thank You

  146. Dayanidhi says:

    i planned to buy land in tamilnadu but that land owner in abroad he is given POA to his cousin, but i check in the EC his name is not mention. Please advise i can buy this land or not. This land registered 2008 and POA given 2013


  147. Sir, I need a draft of POA to be given by my NRI son to deal in Mutual Fund, IPO, Port folio management in India. Is it to be registered with sub-registrar or notarised?

  148. hycenth says:

    I want to buy flat in thane maharashtra & want to register the flat in name my mothers name.She is unable to come personally for registration of flat as she stays at Goa. Is registered POA necessary to do the procedure or notarized POA necessary. Ca eregistration be done

  149. Dear sir,
    Your Jastej S, in her reply on 25.07.13 to Priya, has said, “The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer.The PoA (Power of Attorney) then needs to be sent to India and should be presented for adjudication within three months”.
    What does “Adjudication mean”?
    Is any stamp duty to be paid on this POA? I am living in Delhi.
    Is it also to be registered in Delhi with the Registrar of Documents?

  150. Dear sir,
    Your Jastej S, in her reply on 25.07.13 to Priya, has said, >The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer.The PoA (Power of Attorney) then needs to be sent to India and should be presented for adjudication within three months”.<
    What does "Adjudication mean"?
    Is any stamp duty to be paid on this POA? I am living in Delhi.
    Is it also to be registered in Delhi with the Registrar of Documents?

  151. Kiruthiga says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to buy a plot in my hometown in tamilnadu,that should be registered in my husband’s name. He is very busy in his works, so he couldnt go for registration many times, so registration got cancelled. Is it possible to make my mother as Power of Attorney for the land instead of registration and later could it be registered to my husbands name from my mother who is Power of Attorney for that land.

  152. chaitanya says:


    my brother-in law was staying in karntaka & now staying in USA and has purchased under- construction property in thane. so before leaving he had issued POA to his fathers name which was notarised in karnataka. does the POA needs to be registered in Maharashtra for purchase of property. can my bro-in law father trf the POA to my name and i shall register the POA in mumbai. pls suggest any best alternative.

  153. rohir says:

    Can I give PoA to my brother ,if I want to buy a property which is not decided
    Also can he sign for registration of property?
    I will be abroad hence I want to invest in property after I go

  154. Rohit says:

    Dear Mr Jastej,


    Kindly advise how much time does it take inorder to make a General Power of attorney and get it notarized. Awaiting your kind response.


  155. Hi,
    I am an Automobile Engineer working in US. I am planning to buy a property in Pune, Maharashtra. My parents reside in pune. I have to make power of attorney on my father’s name.
    Can you please give me a format of Power of Attorney so that I can get the same printed on stamp paper

  156. if a director gives power of attorney to its agent on the letterhead of company without stamp of that company but this decision is taken in board meeting, then whether this POA is valid or not?

    please reply fast.

    Thank you

  157. Projjal says:


    Can my father do the registration of my flat purchased in Kolkata if I give him the power of attorney.

  158. Sathish says:

    My Wife and Minor daughter aged 17 years are partners in a firm and they give a POA to me for running the business. Can my daughter sign the POA document or should It be signed by me as her father and gaurdian or by her mother. Please advise.

  159. Neelam says:

    Flat in Mumbai jointly owned by Husband/ wife. Both are USA Green Card Holders. Wife in USA with major son. Husband visiting India with Registered (in August 2012)Power Of Attorney in his favour by wife. Can he Sell the Flat? Precautions to be taken. Demand Draft to be made in whose favour?

  160. raws says:

    hi…me and my wife want to buy a property in tamilnadu.. I am presently unable to vis the state. Can i give a general power of attorney to my wife to buy the property? what is the procedure for same…we both want to be cobuyer in the property.

  161. Anonymous says:

    while registration of a flat in my name signature of my parents as a witness will be legal or what???..please reply ..urgent??

  162. M SATISH says:

    Flat co operative housing society in Mumbai is in my mothers name. Since she is old I want to transfer to my name. Can a gift deed be made and registered as a sale deed for transfer so that stamp duty is 2%. Or should we make sale deed whihc case 5% stam duty may have to be paid.

  163. 1) My father aged 94 years stays with me in Delhi. He wishes to dispose off, through sale, a Flat (apartment) owned by him in a Cooperative Society in Kolkata.
    As he is old and cannot look after all the matters related to the flat, he wishes to make a General Power of Attorney in my name for handling all matters related to the flat.
    1.1) Does the GPA have to be on a Non Judicial Stamp paper? If so, can it be purchased in Delhi or does it have to be purchased at Kolkata?
    1.2) Stamp paper of what value?
    1.3) Does the GPA have to be notarized or “registered”? If yes, at Delhi or Kolkata?
    1.4) Does the GPA remain valid after the expiry of my father?

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    Below youll uncover the link to some web pages that we believe you’ll want to visit.

  166. Whether a minor represented by guardiar give power to manage the property of a minor to third party. In case the Guardian is not in a position to manage it is for the court to appoint the guardian to manage

  167. Sanjukta Ray says:

    My husband is a PhD candidate in Indiana University of Pennsylvania,in Indiana,PA. I am in Bangladesh. My husband needs money. He wants me to sell his land property here. How can he give me Power of attorney when it’s impossible for him to go to the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington?
    And my husbands host family suggested that there is a rule in Indiana,PA that I can ready the papers through lawyer in Bangladesh and send that through scanning to my husband and he can sign the papers and resend that here to me. And then that might be approved in the court here. Is it possible?
    Please help me by your kind information.

    Faithfully yours
    Mrs Sanjukta Ray

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