Legal Documents Agreements Affidavits Deeds Drafts Forms

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Legal Documents – Agreements

Legal Documents Agreements Affidavits Deeds Drafts Forms

Document Advisor includes Downloadable Legal documents relating to legal disputes. Select a category to view the forms available for download. A wide array of professionally prepared forms are available in each category below.

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  1. anil thakur says:

    I want law that ajudgement in civil suit based on unexhibited document is bad in law.

  2. manchanda b.s. says:

    Please keep sending me updates drafts of agreements, deeds, affidavits etc. i am a member of Sales tax bar (regd)& income tax bar,(regd) new delhi.thanks. much obliged.

  3. Rajneesh Gautam Advocate says:

    plz send me draft per forma of mercy Appeal…….

  4. Ashu says:

    What kind of mercy appeal do you want? mercy petitions are there in service law and criminal law as well.

  5. Raj Advocate says:

    plz send me mercy petition performa

  6. ashish says:

    provide the link for the standing orders issued by govt. of india.

  7. rajesh mohan says:

    please send a draft agreement for appointment of liaison-er for an ngo. the duty of the agent to be procure funds for the ngo.

  8. Can i get a format of contracts and agreements used in film making.

  9. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    It is a time consuming process and must be customized.

  10. a model format of application/petition for grant of leave to sue as indigent person under Order XXXIII C.P.C says:

    i am a practising lawer fresh to this profession. kindly provide me suggestion as early possible.
    thanking you.

  11. Please provide me the Judgement of supreme court:-
    Coram: Hon’ble Justice Aftab Alam and Justice C.K. Prasad
    passed the order on two petitions filed by Javed Akhtar(lyrics), B.G.Varghese (Sr.Journalist) for direction to order a CBI Probe into 22 fake encouters that had place during 2002 to 2006 in gujarat.
    Order approx. in month of Jan’12 & Feb’12.
    Counsel Prashant Bhushan & Nitya Ramakrishnan (petitioner)

  12. Misty says:

    Can an unmarried mother put a fathers name in childs birth certificate in India, without the consent of the unmarried father..thanks

  13. Abhinandan says:

    No Misty an unmarried mother can not use the name of father until she have any legal document of marriage with that person..
    But yes only on the consent of that person she may use his name as her child’s father

  14. PRAKASH says:


  15. vasimkhan says:

    when transfer of the power of atourny act with 1958 act stamp registrestion act

  16. B.K.Hedaoo says:

    I wish to read all the Constitutional Orders and the Acts and Rules related to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and also the State Acts and the state rules in this behalf.

  17. JP says:

    Please provide format of notice to contractor for not completing work on time.

  18. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    The same can be prepared on customized basis only.

  19. sir,i leased out abuilding to bank for a period of 20 years @ Rs 12000 per month, and now i want to register the much stamp duty is payable for registration

  20. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    This, my dear, you have to check from the local office of registration of deeds.

  21. Gloria Mary says:


    Kindly provide me clarification regarding, can correction be made in non judicial paper prior registration? please provide me relevant section under Indian Stamp Act.

  22. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    If you want to make some typographical correction then you can do so by getting the correction signed by both the parties to the agreement.

  23. Sarita says:

    Sir Can any help me in telling who is the best practicing Adv in Pune in Negotiable Instruments Act and MACT Act.


  24. sanjeev patil says:

    pl send me the format of Advocates certificate after 14 days public notice in news papers as no claim received from any person.

  25. duttacn says:

    Can a trustee donate in a charitable trust and avail 80 G exepmtion……… there a specific bar ? Does it carry any disadvantage for the trust or the said trustee?? Thank you all in advance

  26. vishal says:

    sir i want petition of recovery of money from a party who sell a car to purchaser . but problem is that car seizes by loan company and what will do purchaser for claim of his money . purchaser perches secondhand car from seller.

  27. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    You have not made clear as to what will be the basis of recovery from the said party?

  28. Aditya says:

    Where do I get a sample execution petition of an arbitral award?

  29. its helpfull to young stars and advocate

  30. king cobra says:

    can i get a legal format of contract aggrement between a builder and a contractor for construction of building comprises of ground+seven upper floors

  31. naseer ahmed says:

    i am a practising lawer as Corporate,incom Tax,Custom fresh to this profession. kindly provide me suggestion as early possible.
    thanking you.

  32. dear sir, kindly give me information that what legal documents are basically required while purchasing and selling flat/house in india. 2. what are basic and legal fastest system for adoption of child. It is seen that much time is taken by the parents. 3. what are the legal documents required to start any business(small)level. THANKS.

  33. DEAR SIR, The govt of india has introduced the ex-gratia lumsump compensation to those who died while on duty due to accidental during the course of employment i.e. 10 lacks presently paid. Here,I mean to say the family is delayed for payment of the dues by the concern department even they requested nos. of time. What is the remedy to get their dues at the earliest. The rules framed by the govt. of india is very clear but the dealer is quite hard to decide the cases. please give me legal opinion to solve this problems.Thanks and have a nice day.

  34. Swathi says:

    hi, can i possibly get a format for “petition for grant of probation”?

  35. sankalp says:

    what is TANSUKHNAMA?

  36. please help me to make a documents for formation of club
    which will be not formed as society act is will made pvt. ltd. or ltd. company wise

  37. am not able to prepare the application to seek leave to file criminal apple out of time

  38. G P Manohar says:

    Please provide me format of divorce petition (contested) for husband sode.

  39. Rajiv Shah says:

    This is very handy and useful tool for any professional who are in accountacy or legal field.


  41. Your Name... says:


  42. Smriti says:

    Please help me with an agreement format for appointing a sales tax consultant. Kindly revert at the earliest.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  43. kiran says:

    Hi, this is Kiran , and wants to know about the contract review importance aspects, and what can be changed and what cannot be changed.

  44. benkat raman singh says:

    plz send a format of facilitation agreement for facilitating in getting tender

  45. annapurna H says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please provide the format of Bank loan recovery petition for filing before asst registrar co op society

  46. navyashree says:

    can a newly joined candidates work as a assistent to the lawyers

  47. RAJESH says:

    Kindly provide draft written statement(ex-parte) to be filed by petitoner in district consumer forum. Regards.

  48. Akshay says:

    On of my clients name was deliberately given by one person in relation to one Criminal Case. My client has been acquitted from the same. Now my client wants to prosecute that person & has requested me to give a Legal Notice in respect of Defamation. Kindly provide me sample draft for Legal Notice case of Defamation.

  49. Balaji says:

    Dear All,

    I am looking for agreement father giving after sale of his property to all his children equally distribution. can you provide this sample format.

    Thanks & Regards,

  50. razak says:

    please i invest in 25000/- and get of per month of rs.1500/- till 6 month after refund fully my amt. of rs.25000/- please send a MOU COPY

  51. brijesh says:

    i want draft or application for summons to be served by publication in localnewspaper

  52. kumar says:


    Two of my friends and myself put some money and purchased one property which is purely in my name. (no proof of payment of money to me). now i have sold the property. meanwhile one of my friend expired 3yrs before. I have settled money for the live friend.
    Now i want to settle money to the wife of the other friend who expired. she has two child of 19 yrs and 16 yrs.

    what documents should i get it signed from the deceased wife befor settling the money to avoid any future complication. should i get signature of the major child 19 yrs who is in custody of some other relative after some dispute with mother?

    Note: 1. there is no proof of payment of money by my friend to me. 2. the said property was purely in single name of me. 3. i don t want to go againt the faith of my deceased friend and settle money sincerly at the same time don t want to get involved in any complication.

  53. snehaprabha says:

    i want to draft a suit for the recovery of goods sold and delivered to be filed in aurangabad. i am a student

  54. suresh says:

    i need a divorce petition format in ground of cruelty from wife . in my case husband is the petitioner . so i need in support of this type.

  55. Harshvardhan says:

    Sir,i m a L.L.B fresher nd want to pursue my career in legal services in delhi.Is it important to get registerd in DELHI BAR COUNCIL if i ork in some legal company either orking under a senior lawyer.plz help in the right direction.

  56. alok sharma says:

    wanted performa of inventery u/s 317 Indian Succession Act

  57. preeti patil says:

    pls tell me court fee

  58. G.srinivas says:

    sir nenu pedda barya kodukunu ma nana maa mother ni kadani
    assti montham ma nanna chinna barya mida grama panchaytlo
    name entry chesinadu maa mother ki nenu and three sisters unnamu chinnammaku mugru ammailu andari marrieages inavi eppudu ma nanna ma chinnamma pedda kuthurki assti estandu dini medda maku emaina hakku vunda dayashesi reply evvagalaru

  59. CA . Arvind Sanghvi says:

    please provide partnership deed for retirement of one partner and business continued by other partners.

  60. Sir
    Please provide me supplimentary deed of partnership for change in remuneration clause.


    Dear Sir,

    Please Provide us waft board Rule- Regulation PDF file in Hindi .

  62. Ravi L. Iyer says:

    can you provide draft agreement between producer and music director.


  63. Raja Laxmi says:

    gdevng.. A 60 years ago partitioned a house to ‘B’ The ground floor of the building and to ‘C’ the up stair of the building, now there is a dispute between the legal heirs of ‘B’ and ‘C’regarding such building. how can such dispute be solved and request you to provide further remedies? and can anyone of such legal heirs can claim the ownership of such property?

  64. Post ruɗedment cɑptivant

  65. subha says:

    sir let me know the difference between simple sale agreement and affidavit

  66. subha says:

    sir what are the circumstances in which indemnity bond are insisted

  67. Ashish Gupta says:

    Kindly provide the format for reply of review pettition notice from National Commission New Delhi

  68. Reshma Sheikh says:

    I m law student & i want some basic infrmation about legal drafting in marathi, can any one provide me the same…..
    Thank u in advance.

  69. sanjay sahay says:


    Can we use the template for “Family Arrangement In Which The Daughters Convey Their Shares In Favour Of Their Brother” for conveying our shares (brothers & sisters) to our Mother as my father passed away without leaving any will ?

    If not then can you please tell me which template I should use ?

    thank you.

    Sanjay Sahay

  70. Meghana says:

    Please give me Trustdeed Format in gujarati urgent

  71. Kindly provide the format for divorce petition by husband on the ground of separation (4 yrs) and misbehavior.

  72. K.Raju says:

    Dear Team Vakilno1,

    Please provide sales format to sell my car.



  73. any body provide me proforma of adoption deed & further procedure of deed

  74. Sir Please Provide the types of deed like sale deed, lease deed.

  75. akhilesh says:

    sir i want every update. At my mail id. Please provide me thankyou

  76. Ravi says:

    I want format of gadget

  77. i want need argent a employer give to bond company,
    my client is doing job placement working so i need to this company write to bond its employ.

  78. Shilpa Mehta says:

    Please tell me what is the validity period of a General Power Of Attorney.I hold for my bro in law,who has gone abroad.Do I need to periodically renew it?

  79. Dev kumar sharma says:

    we are providing services of all legal documents drafting ,,,,Door step service available in all over mumbai,,if any one interested call me on,,,9820473873

  80. Vikas says:

    send me the format or sample copy for a written argument in case of consumer court

  81. naveen says:

    only zerox can be attested or zerox of a document with original photo can also be attested?

  82. Please send me live in relationship agreement

    Thanks and Regards

  83. Can I have a form of deed of adoption of Hindus

  84. Sai says:

    Please provide an agreement copy or an SLA, which is made between an ad agency and a client in digital marketing company.

  85. Vijay says:

    I want to buy a secondhand car and what are the documents I need to check and how we can find out any hypothication/ loan amount.

  86. Anil parte says:

    I want to buy your CD on drafting. No option available to buy online

  87. hi , when murder investigation is on, for 4 months now, can the mobile company give the victim number to new subscriber.
    how much time should the victim family wait to demand a CBI probe in a murder case .

  88. anamika says:

    i want to know what are the legal documents require for a NGOs website.

  89. Your Name... says:



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