Validation of email ID and mobile number before e-filing returns


The Income Tax (IT) department of India has requested all its tax payers to register a valid email address and a mobile number on the e-filing website before filing their returns this year. The deadline for the same is July 31, 2014.

In many cases, it was observed that the email ID of the individual’s chartered accountant was provided by default at the time of filing the returns. So, the IT department‘s communication has failed to reach the taxpayers or they have been unable to reset the password.

The procedure is pretty much similar to the one time password (OTP) used by banks for e-banking. Although most salaried taxpayers registered their details last year, under the new rules, they now have to validate their entries afresh as a security measure before filing their returns.

  • Assesses must initially log in to and register their email address and mobile number. The department will then send one time passwords (OTP), also called PIN, on the cell number and the email ID. The taxpayers then have to enter their OTPs and e-filing account within 24 hours for validation, failing which they have to repeat the registration process.
  • If the tax payers change their mobile number or email ID in their profile, they have to repeat the process of authentication. This validation is to help the IT department to send an OTP for resending the log in password, in case the taxpayer forgets it.
  • The taxpayer can also provide the email ID or cell phone number of any other person as a secondary additional contact. He/she also has the freedom to include the contact to receive emails and alerts.
  • The IT department has also urged users to include their emails and messages in the ‘safe list’ or ‘white list’ to prevent them from being sent to the spam folder, or from being blocked or rejected. This move is mainly to avoid the ‘phishing scams’ that surround the process of IT returns.
  • For preventing unauthorized access, tax payers are also requested not to share their user ID and password of their e-filing account with others. They can make use of the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset their password while logging in to their e-filing account.