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Filing a Consumer Complaint

  • Who can file a complaint and What are the issues to consider when filing a complaint?

  • A) Any person who can be termed as a consumer under the Act can make a complaint. The following are the persons who can file a complaint under the Act :* a consumer; or* any voluntary consumer association registered under the Companies Act, 1956 or under any other law for the time being in force, or* the Central Government or any State Government,* one or more consumers, where there are numerous consumers having the same interest.
  •  Issues to consider when filing a Consumer complaint

  • You would have to check where the jurisdiction would lie and then ascertain the value of the claim. You will have to file your complaint depending upon the amount of money or compensation you want from the opposite party for the deficient service he has provided you or for the defective product that you have been sold. It is important to note that most Judges in these courts will be able to tell if you are unnecessarily filing a complaint & are just trying to make a quick buck.


  1. We want to complain that we 100 student ,of sathe institute mathura,shetal academy..they make institute and take 4 lakhs to us and it have 5 year complete we didn’t get our degree,not any markshet its fake institute of mr.amit jain.owner of sheetal regency hotel.

  2. you can file a consumer complaint and also a complaint to UGC. If you feel there is a fraud going on or misrepresentation was there then you can complaint about the same to police authorities as well.

  3. my brother send me a watch(Titan) and a photon internet device from Barabanki to Delhi via speed post, but i did not receive that post.
    i made inquiry for the post but neither get an answer nor my post . please tell me where i can make my complain or what action i can take regarding this matter.
    Thank you

  4. you can file a complaint with the Consumer Courts having the jurisdiction in the matter.

  5. I started having problems with the refrigerator door Gasket within 4 months of purchasing my whirpool refrigerator. Branch Manager is telling that they would replace the said thing free of cost as it is within the warranty period but i need to pay transport charges of Rs.1000/- as per Company’s Policies for delivery to my house. Please guide me if I can file a complaint with the Consumer court for this.

  6. Yes you can file a consumer complaint. When the warranty period is not over then no extra charges should be paid.

  7. sir, The gas distributor is not permitting me for gas transfer, since six months, the distributor was suffering me. Recently I send the notice before filing a complaint under consumer protection act, the step which I have taken is correct or not, please inform me.

  8. you have done the right thing. Also you can file a complaint against the gas distributor to the Corporation that has given him the distribution.

  9. I Have Filled an RTI Application on 11-march-2013
    But No Response is Being Sent By related Authority Till Date .
    Some one told me that we can take up the same matter with consumer court as we buy postal orders.
    Can We take up the matter with Consumer Court
    Plzzzzzzzz ……….Guide Me

  10. There are conflicting judgments in this regard. Where it is said that consumer courts have the jurisdiction as it is a deficiency in service, others say that as an appeal is provided, therefore, consumer courts do not have the jurisdiction. You can try your luck.

  11. i am in pune…..want to register complain against company name INFIBEAM……they have cheated me.Please help.

    I have bought mobile online which was defective piece later they took back that mobile and now from more that 25 days i am just calling them they are trying to manipulate the thing.

  12. Prima-facie your complaint looks to be maintainable before the Consumer Forum. So you should file a complaint in the Consumer Commission.

  13. Mahanagar Gas.
    I replaced a faulty MGL Meter in August of 2011. I have been billed for the last 10 years taking an average. I bought the apartment in 2009. The flat was unoccupied from 2001 till I bought it.
    Can I fight for billing before I bought the apartment.

  14. sir i am suffring from hair loss &thinng of hair problem in last 4 years so i saw a advertisment in my local news-paper called danik bhaskar & i start the treatment with us the doctor say me that the period of treatment is 8 month (4month for new hair &4month for growth of new hairs) they charged me against this servies (4month*6500 per month +300 regestration fees) totol of Rs. 26300 but after started the treatment and gone time period of 18 months i don’t seen any new hairs &hair growth even my existing hairs are gone beacouse of their treatment so sir suggest me can i go consumer forum against clinic for non satisfaction of their treatment & can i return back my hardearning money of Rs. 26300 please sir sujjest me your valuable advice

  15. Yes you can and must file a consumer complaint against the person who made such false promises.

  16. I received a promotional literature from AT&T that they are providing high speed internet connection in my area. My present service provider is charging a lot so I called on phone on literature. The CSR I spoke did not mention that it is DSL line through phone and speed is lowest. She asked for what modem I am using and said I can use my modem. when I received wires from AT&T , I found that it looks like telephone connection. I called up again and found out that I need to buy another modem for $199 to use this connection. I was given wrong information while order booking. I went to AT&T office and told that I am not interested in this service. THE Lady in AT&T office called up and confirmed that it is disconnected and no charges. Now I am receiving bills and being told that I still need to pay as when I order, I commit to 1 month bill.This is cheating. This is making fool of customers.

  17. You must write e-mails to the said company narrating the vows that you are made to suffer by the employees of that company. If your still unsatisfied then you can file a consumer complaint in this regard.

  18. Hi,

    Does the hostel warden of a working women hostel has the right to ask the hostilites to VACATE the hostel ? We are paying 7500 per month and when asked for basic things promised by them like water, food, theya re unable to provide it properly and instead says to vacate the hostel.

    Need to know the proper forum on escalating this type of issues, as there is no bond or anything between us and its only monthly advance rent with them. We are not demanding anything beyond the things they promised, just asking to provide water and food properly without any issues.

  19. Payment of Rs. 7500/- per month seems decent enough to give jurisdiction to Consumer Courts in this regard. You can file a consumer complaint and can also complain to the higher authorities.

  20. Sir

    I am suffering from problem, one lady who is my brother’s wife, she file a complaint against my father in which she blaming that my parents torture her, she is completely wrong and she is getting the benefit of Indian Women rules and my brother also support her.

    I am not staying with them, only my father and mother are staying there and i am so afraid that my brother can attack any time on my parents, he also attacked on my father 2-3 times before. and my father is a government employee so he cannot stay with me.

    my one problem is that may be in future my brother’s wife can file a wrong complaint against me.
    so please help me to short out this problem, how can i file FIR or complaint against my brother and his wife for my parents and my security.

  21. We have booked a farm plot in hosur for 5 lacs..but due to some reason we had to cancel that..after two months they gave cheques on three installments but the first cheque itself got bounced. The person who we were dealing was supposed to be sick and we couldnt reach him over phone also. His son a college student is threatening us. Can we file a consumer complaint on them..if we can whatz the procedure and required documents


  23. Hi
    In my marriage function my mother purse having huge jewellery and cash was theft in banquet having cctv said banquet was booked by my in laws.
    But banquet not ready to share footage with us. I have lodged fir also but no action since last five months it seems police also defencing accused.
    Can I file consumer complaint.

  24. hey plzzz hlp i gave my mobile to repair jack but on the same time he changed by camera with a poor quality ..what to do…i dont have any bill..can i make a complaint

  25. Hi,

    I have been misold club membership by country club. I have asked them to cancel my membership but they have not done so. They have deducted by holidays when i did not go for a vaction too. I have written several emails to the customer care but no response. Can you please guide me?

  26. मैने एक fully automatic washing machine खरीदी थी। वो guarantee period मे चार बार खराब हो गई। हर बार company मे भी complaint की, mechanic आता, ठीक कर जाता। फिर खराब हो जाती। दुखी हो कर मैने consumer court मे case कर दिया। case मे मैने bill और complaints numbers भी दिये हैं। क्या फिर भी मुझे कोई वकील करना होगा।

  27. hi, i have had a very bad experience with a Gillette hydra gel.after the purchas the product, the pump was not working & had to return to the dealer 7 he has refused to replace. with great difficulty, i sent a mail to Gillette india 7 they asked me so many questions & asked to return the product to their office in bangalore. i was not interested to return the product as that was the only evidence of the defective product.i want to file a case against the Gillette company for cheating me with a sub standard product & make me run all over to get the same replaced.
    please advise me what should i do.
    i belong to hosur in tamilnadu.

  28. I had to purchase country club membership, later came to know about all the false promises they made. I purchased it for Rs.101000, want to sell it now back to them.
    Can you please help to file a case in this regard.


  29. can i file a complaint against not issuing of experience letter and no completing the FNF formality against the organisation.

    please advise.

  30. I bought a spice mobile in september 2013. it started having problem in December 2013, then again in feb and now again in april. i am tired of that phone and now want to file a case against the company for the compensation. shall i

  31. Hi

    I had engaged a contractor for some interior work at my residence and paid him Rs.90,000. Now he has absconded leaving the work incomplete. Can I file a police complain and a case in consumer court.

  32. sir i am shrath residace of raichur i am asking information under RTI to town muncipality raichur but i recieved wrong information from that office next i appealed applant authority but he also giving same wrong information. lastly went to 19(1) of RTI applying to State information office Bangalore. but i am not correct information. now i want to file a case in consumer court. is it possible to get real information and compansation.

  33. I did a booking with a travel agency in Andheri East and paid him Rs. 30K as booking amount. However i got to know that he is overcharging me and making false comments. I cancelled my booking however he is now giving me excuses in paying back the booking amount. Kindly advise.

  34. i had bought services from step ahead services from times jobs they fail to activate my services so i had to cancel my services they at first promised me refund and as time elapsed they tricked me into buying other services saying i wont be provided refund but my services could still be activated and later they have kept me hanging and told me to avail for the same services once I get the refund they have since then not returned any of my emails which always tell me to do during the call made to them by me.please advise me as to how I could sue them as they have wasted close to three months of my time and cause significant stress and how much money should i file for as they’ve wasted close to 3000 Rs and valuable time

  35. Dear sir

    We have gone agreement for redevlopment of our Bldg(area pantnagar,ghatkopar,Mumbai). with a Builder,after 2years he stopped paying rent to saying as we have to give some stock to Mhada therefore reduce area from agreement otherwise he will not pay rent.Committee members are in favour of Builder.
    can I file case in consumer court myself ?
    How & where ?


  36. Hi,
    My complaint against Snapdeal India. I have ordered one product and they send me wrong product when I asked for refund after taking many follow ups. I didn’t receive any reply.please Help. Snapdeal Customer Support (

  37. Can a complaint be registered against TaxiforSure Taxi service for confirming the taxi booking to railway stationand then declining to provide one half an hour before time of departure that was 5 am resulting in a possibility of missing the train and a lot of mental agony

  38. I paid an amount of 9500/- Rs. to a job portal named Career plus for job opportunities as per their commitment.They promised me to provide job interviews within one week of the payment. They took money to give some services like registration,background verification,premium listing.Everything is still in the dark. They are not receiving call & not replying through mail. Can I file complaint against them in consumer court?

  39. I took grand2 mobile from sangeeth showroom with in 2 months charger pin was problem . Later lcd was replaced agian same problem they change mother bord .. I spoke to all the higher person.they say just they can repair they can replace. Help me

  40. I took grand2 mobile from sangeeth showroom with in 2 months charger pin was problem . Later lcd was replaced agian same problem they change mother bord .. I spoke to all the higher person.they say just they can repair they can’t replace. Help me

  41. Hi Every One,Recently I’ve got my HP laptop repaired with a near by Technician who owns a shop and He cheated me that the laptop has got a lot of repairs which it didn’t and charged me for all that , and I do have the related bills.I want to sue him for what he has done.Please help me how to proceed.
    Note:He does have a certificate that he’s the official support from HP that made me to believe him and he turned up negative..Help me in this Regard

  42. I had raised a medical reimbursement claim with Mediassist for Rs34000 for my father’s eye surgery. I submitted the claim within time limit but they processing from their end was delayed by 2 months and now they are not paying the money stating that the time limit for the claim has expired.
    Can I go to consumer forum against MediAssist?

  43. Hi ,
    I want to complaim against hitachi company as after resistering so many complaim against my new AC they are not sloving the problem.
    please guide

  44. I have purchased a plot in a venture 10 years back and in between someone claimed that was his plot and he has the registration . even i have done registration and the case s in the court now and realtor who sold the plot to me is denying the right and justifying compensation to me . what to do ? please advice.

  45. Hello sir,

    I paid around 9000 rs to a consultancy for a job and the copany at that time asured me that I will get refund of my money after 45 days if I dont get any job,
    Now 8-10 months have been passed neither I got job from their side nor refund of my money and even if I contact them for refund they are not responding.
    what should I do? Can I send a legal notice to refund my money or what should I do for getting my money back

  46. DTDC courier has cheated us. We send RAKHI to Dehradun from Mumbai on 06/08/2014 and when we checked status on website it showed delivered in SATARA. So blunder mistake by DTDC- We are going to file a case in consumer forum against them as got mental harassment…….

  47. i have purchased the tata photon max wi-fi device (portable)
    i was told that the device will provide you the speed of 6.2 Mbps
    so, i have purcahsed it with plan of monthly rental of 1000Rs with 20GB Unlimited plan

    when i test the speed of my internet, it’s merely a 0.26Mbps.

    i talked with the customer care number i didn’t get satisfactory answer from them.
    they didn’t even try to solve the problem.
    i didn’t even able to download the file of 250 MB.

    on other hand they are asking for further boost up recharge for speed.
    so, what i have to do ??
    i want to file a complaint against the company

    please help me with that.

    i m from surat, gujarat

  48. I bought a tablet from snapdeal and it was damage moreover it is out of warranty given by karbonn
    I rushed service center for the repair and they told me so.

    Now what to do with it.

  49. sir, i made a green house and in just 1 month the supporting pipe bend and for repairing they are asking for money. Can i complaint to consumer affair?

  50. My daughter is staying in a hostel. I have paid entire year charges Rs. 28000+ Mess charges Rs. 31200 as demanded. They are not attending complaints regarding non supply of hot water and bad food quality. What can I do?

  51. Hi All,

    Please share procedure to raise complaint against visa consultancy firm based in Nehru place by name of Oasis resource management pvt. ltd.

    I went to this consultancy to see job visa to work abroad with one of my friend who is friend to one of directors.Since I was accompanied with influential person, Branch manager himself handled my query. He suggested me to go for Australian PR and asked me to deposit RS 1250 to conduct evaluation to find whether I am eligible. Few days later he replied that I am eligible. He asked to make payment of Rs. 86000/- to start process and simultaneously arrange interviews to jobs abroad. I asked him to divide payment into 3 EMI (each payment to be done for completion of steps toward PR process) to which he agreed stating anything for you as we came by reference of one of directors.I deposited Rs. 35000/- in their account to start process to which he issued me 2 invoices in which one of them was refundable. I called him for refundable invoice and he promised that it is refundable. They sent me list of documents to be submitted to process PR formalities. List was so big that it took 2 months to get documents arranged as few documents have to be attested or requested from CBSE and DU which has some set time rules to provide those documents.I had spent nearly Rs. 10000/- for documents.

    After submission of documents we asked him to conduct job interviews to which he gave us excuse that your documents need to be verified by embassy(for which we have to pay Rs. 36000/- fee to embassy) before we can start interviews. He never informed us about this clause when we initially signed up for PR process.

    He asked for second payment to send us link to submit money with Embassy so I deposited Rs. 25000/- to their account in May 2014.And once payment was transferred to his account he stopped responding to calls and mails.

    Finally in Aug, I wrote mail to him for refund of my amount. Now that consultancy is refusing to give my money stating we do not give refunds as per policy.

    I was not aware about any such policy as it was never discussed and we have never signed any documents for acceptance of terms and conditions.

    Please help me in getting this money back or tell me procedure to get this consultancy blacklisted with govt. and embassy for such frauds.


  52. I filed the case in District Forum. Accordingly, Hon’ble Judges gave order in my favour. However, respondent appealed for stay order and setting aside the judgement in State Consumer Forum, Mumbai.
    I don’t know how to answer the stay. In short, I am in need of Formats of applications against Appeal.
    Please reply.

  53. If you people are smart then don’t go for this process, consumer court & orders are only on papers. 100 mein se 99 baiman, phir bhi mera bharat mahan.

  54. Do I have a standing to raise a complaint against an internet service provider whose connection disrupts very frequently.

    I have moved in for a new service provider and the problems have been eternal. The internet speed and connection are very sporadic and in the past 3 months, I have raised more than 25 complaints and the issue still persists. I have invested about 3-4 modems just to get it right and even now the problem persists.

    Is there any standing at all to make a case? I have already lost a lot of revenue because of this faulty service. Where and whom should I raise a complaint with? The quality of service has been extremely disgusting.

    Although I understand there is nothing called warranty for an end to end service, is there no protection at all for a customer on this front?

  55. 1.
    I give our property case to Lawyer, after four-five year I come to know that he making fool to us and have not filled our case in the office of sub=divisional magistrate.
    2. 2nd case have given to same lawyer to file against education deptt. to regularisation of PTA teacher, case related with my wife, she worked 12 years as PTA.
    our Lawyer is unable to give us proper feedback, i.e. case number and its status what is going on, I assume that he have not filed the case.

    What would be best action which we can suit against our lawyer?

  56. sir,

    i stay in Faridabad. I have booked a cab from delhi. I had to go to New Delhi Station from Faridabad. But the cab did not arrive leaving me in lurch. what is the jurisdictional court Faridabad or Delhi.

  57. Dear Team, I am residing in DDA Flats, Delhi. We are getting water bills and paying. But almost NIL water is supplied to us irrespective of request to all concerned. We we fill a case in consumer court as we are paying for water and water is not supplied.

  58. Capital First has charged me 5000 extra when i closed their loan.
    their rep. took 5000 rs EMI from me and same has been not updated on my loan acct. when my brother went close the loan, they charged him 5000 as same was not updated on their records as their rep. might not updated the same. we have all the receipts for all transactions that we made.

  59. Pls help me.
    I have purchased 2 Airtel sim cards in the month of may 2014. Now one of my sim card is under roaming wef july-14. Problem is that whenever I call that no it says switch off and when we call from that no it says outgoing calls are not allowed. We also contact c/care Jammu and Assam but they don’t solve my problem till date. The problem started during the first week of Sept 2014. What should I do for that??????

  60. Hi,

    I wan to file report against my pg owner. I have joined my pg last year, at that time i paid 2000 security money(1500 will refund when i leave the pg) . Now someone is handovering that pg when i ask to owner that who will give refundable money when i leave this pg. He argued with me and abuse me and at the last he denied that ill not give you any money, do whatever you want. I have that slip. What should i do. Please help me out. and where you will reply. I waiting for your positive response. His number is 9986345355.

    Thanks in advance and please help me

  61. Hi , i could really use your help on this
    At the time of filling forms for PG Entrance , my institution said i was eligible so i filled a Rs 4500 form and submitted the same. However today they released an amendment saying i am not eligible for the same . This after the monetary and the mental setback ! Can i file a complaint regarding the same please ??

  62. Hello, I have purchased iphone through snapdeal. In online tracking system, it shows product is dispatched. They have given a wrong tracking number and I am continuously calling up customer help line number. And still haven’t received product nor right tracking number and snapdeal are extending product receiving date. Snapdeal team is not cancelling my order also. So what should I have to do. Have already paid for the product and still not received and haven’t hear anything from customer care. What should I have to do to receive my money back?

  63. I recently purchased 2 things online from I have been sent a damaged product and the other product has not been delivered. It has been over 3 days from when snapdeal customer care had promised delivery and reverse pick up arranged – this is 10 days from date of placing order. They have shared numbers of two courier agencies GoJavas and Nuvoex. I have got sms from them with numbers of delivery boys. These numbers are not reachabe. Customer care numbers of these agencies are not reachable. When checked with Snapdeal they give varying statements each time. Once they said it will take 48 hrs, then said somebody will call in 24 hrs, then said delivery boys had to return because of house locked when nobody had actually come to the house. I am now looking while googling that this is a trend, then said somebody will call back but no timeline is define when callback will happen. I am surprised that such a company is being allowed to trade openly and make customers a fool. Wish if this could be broughtout in the open in national paper or media and some action is taken against such a fraud company which is fooling people on such a large scale on a daily basis.

  64. I bought a Brother Multi Function Printer (model: brother DCT 1511) from “Soneco india, mount road, chennai” on “26 Aug 2014”, the printer have some problem, if i take any print out or xerox, block dots and come in the print outs. And also when i give print it shows printer error message which says “toner problem”. I am really had a very bad experience with brother service center, I called the toll free numbers “1800222422 and 1800209 89 04” no one attend the call, i tried many time. When i buy this product they said the print cost is below 1 rupee. Now i received a call from Mumbai office without seeing the machine they ask me to chance the tonner, the tonner cast is around 1700 and we can take 1200 to 1500 printouts So the print cost is around 2 rupee, I dont know why they gave false commitment to me when i buy this product. I am running small business with this machine. Now i am hole less, they are not interest to see the machine or attend the call.

  65. I had paid my lawyer to represent me in court but he did not. Now he is not refunding my fees too. Can I complain against him in consumer court ?

  66. Hi.. My self Manish Kumar from Muzaffarnagar, i received a call from times job executives to 01/08/2014 asking for Job Exchange (ICICI to IDBI Bank) for better career options,begining they said it wil cost amount Rs.1685/- for Registration with Times Job Services in HDFC Bank, I Diposited the Amount in HDFC bank to 02/08/2014, After Three Days They Said That Your Verification Charges is Rs.3984 Then i Deposited Again in HDFC Bank,and after that they said for send both Bank Receipts as a Scan Copy by the Email so i Forwared that..They Said that the Next time you will not pay any Amount Related to that job.
    But After Some time, they Repeated for Amount of Rs. 6440 So i Cant Pay it Then i Said for Refund My total Amount But They ignored my metter Again and Again……

    Please Sir, Help me in Refund my Amout. I am Realy very Upset to Times job Services….


  67. Hi,
    My name is Abhay, i took a spectranetr connecetion for ISP for home and was activated on 4th Nov, the thing is when i took this connection i was promised a wifi router if i paid for 3 months subscription, which i did. But when they came to activate the connection they gave me a normal router. I dropped a mail to their appleate authority, no ticket number was provided when i call customer care they say they can’t help me, hence i requested them to disconnect and refund my money back now they say the plan i took is NON REFUNDABLE, so even though i disconnect i do not see a rupee back.
    Problem is I have a smartphone and a pad, and I can’t use the internet at all.
    So can you suggest me what can be done at my end so that i get some resolution.


  68. I want to complaint against a fake job portal naukri2job they take money in the name of providing job to unemployed candidates and they do not provide any job to anyone.
    When we ask them for refund amount of money what we made they refuse from refunding and they switch off there numbers & do not answer our calls.
    There office is located in delhi or noida they do not provide proper address detail
    there website is now they changed it to & THIS IS THE EMAIL ID of one of the employee of naukri team .
    there email id is there contact details are as follows-
    09212300513 , 09212311513, 09212227737, 09212311352, 01206474521, +911204385350, +911206444521, 09540383563, 08285339274 & 0928999903

    They have taken tremendous amount of rupees from various candidates from the different parts of the cities and states in India in the name of providing job in Multinational companies like IBM, Hcl, Wipro, Tcs and many more.

    I have already complaint on line and many other places regarding the same but no action is taken against them and also we have not got our amount what we have paid.
    There account no are HDFC–50200006454794
    & SBI account–33674365198

    There Noida branch address is — sector-58 building no-94/10 gautam buddha nagar uttar pradesh.

    I have been in a contact with this fraudsters from last 3 months and by that time I have came in a contact of many candidates from different parts of the India who have been trapped in these fraud scam of naukri2jobs.

  69. i had issued a cheque in October-2014 and the same was returned by my bank showing insufficient fund in my account whereas sufficient funds was available in my account. on dishonour of cheque my service provider has charged Rs. 300/- as penelty. I am feeling very disappointed and harassed by the service provided by the bank, moreover I have been declared as defaulter consequently paid penalty of Rs. 300/- due to negligence on bank’s part.

    I met personally with bank’s official and they agreed for their mistake verbally. When i requested to refund me Rs. 300/- but they have not refund the penelty amount till date.

    My question is:

    1) What are the remedies available to me?
    2) where to file the complaint?



  70. we have given a croma tablet for repairing with display broken to itTechies Fonecare, Goregaon(W)on 2nd of August 2014. Its almost 4 months now but till now there is no response from them. we have called almost 10 times in between no ones respond properly when we call they keep the phone on hold or disconnect the call. they didnt even send the quotation which we have requested. we are fed up with this. we want to lodge a complaint on behalf of customer negligence and product recovery. please let us know the details to proceed further.

    Thanking you,

  71. I planned a family trip booked hotels from travelguru prior a month in jodhpur the hotel which was booked he mentioned that he didn’t got the payment from travelguru so can’t give the room tried to discuss with him n have to contact many a times then he agreed for the room.
    Same thing happened for the hotel in amritsar even he says the same he dint got the payment
    And it was hell out there v suffered a lot without doing nything can I go to consumer…

  72. sir my name is amrutesh. i have ordered a samsung tablet on snapdeal. intially they said my order is packed and waiting for the courier for pickup. because of the delay in the delivery i have complained them and they told me that they will sort out it very soon. after 11 days they have cancelled my order without any consultation. when i question them how can they do it without consulting me they replied that they have the right to do it and the reason they have given is that the product is out of stock because of excessive demand. But i am sure sir what they told me is a lie because they have only two products on their website from last one month and i bought the last but one product. That means they only sold 2 items in last one month and the reason they have given is that because of excessive demand they cancelled my order. And also they have been telling me that my order is packed long back and waiting for courier to pick up. If my order is already packed for me how can they give my order to someone else who have placed the order after me. Also i talked to the snapdeal executives twice and no one told me that product is unavailable and of course they told me that my order is ready and there was a problem with courier. My query is that can i file complaint againist them for the lies they have been telling to the customers and made fool of customers and also providing me with false information all these days.

  73. Hi My name is Saurabh I am working with one of the indian company.
    My boss he was the Bangladeshi he done some fraud & he was deported back to Bangladesh but he was mentally harass me as he ask people stop keeping me in mail . So that he can show my negative to management & management is also with him now they hold my salary.

    Pls guide me that can I file the case against company as my carrier is at stake & they know very well at present their is no job. So they are creating the prob for me . So that by my own I leave the org..


  74. Hi my name is Akhil singh and I am from lucknow. Sir I took admission at jss academy of technical education,Noida(college) for MCA course. The college is affiliated to uttar Pradesh technical university. I paid my whole fees ie 1.2lakh through demand draft on 1st august 2014.
    Then I attended the college for 5 days between 7-14 august. Later due to some personal problem at my home in Lucknow I decided to leave the college. I asked the registrar of the college to cut some part of my fees and return me my money, but he refused to do that.
    Sir please help me out ….?? How to file a complaint against the college I am from lucknow and college is in Noida.
    I also contacted uttar Pradesh technical university registrar…. He wrote a letter to the college to return my whole fees but still the college is not returning my money.
    Sir please tell me how and where to file a complaint against college?

  75. I had purchased a Dell laptop from Kolkata.
    Right from the first month it was giving me trouble with the touch pad and the dvd drive.

    Upon complaining the dvd drive was changed 2-3 times in different locations under warranty.

    Last time it was changed I was assured nothing will happen to the dvd drive however again it has malfunctioned.

    Complaining to the Dell team was in vain as the blatantly refuse to help as it is out of warranty.

    Further they recommend taking an “Extended warranty” for 12 grands so as to get this warranty cover.

    Please let me know can I file a complaint against Dell in my home location ie., Jamshedpur, Jharkhand state.

    Since Dell operates pan India and perhaps there’s a ruling that the Consumer can file a complaint in his home location as well.

    Kindly guide.

  76. sir, i had bought a united colors of Benetton shirt yesterday (27 December, 2014). the showroom caretaker said there is no discount on this shirt and i had to pay the actual printed price of 3000 rps. but when i checked its price online some stores were giving up to 50% discount. so i immediately ran to the showroom and said i want to return this shirt and please return my money. they said we are not allowed to return money but you can buy something else. but if i buy anything (suppose) of 2000rps they will not return me the refund of 1000. means i can buy anything of 3000rps or more, but not less. but if there company said, i.e. united colors of Benetton, to refund or return money they will do it,because of being Sunday today (28 December) i am unable to complain to the company. but if company does not said so tomorrow, then can i file a complain regarding this matter??. because if i buy something online they will return full amount within 30 days but showroom owner said he will not do anything after 2 days i.e. after 29 December.

  77. Sir I bought a samsung core prime phone on 23/12/2014. But after 2-3 days I realize that phone has some problem. Then i contact to cust care they told me many option but problm not solved. Then I went to service centre they took my phone for 4-5 days for repairing. But i m not satisfied with there service I want replaced phone but they refuse my request. Can I file a complaint against them and where?

  78. reside in flat no. 159 civil supplies cghs, sect 4 dwarka n. delhi 78.. my flat had seepage from flat no 161,above mine.On complaining about 2 yrs back ,sciety president wrote it was a matter to be solved by bth parties as the seepage was internal.
    about 4-5 months back gave phts of uter wall of my flat heavily damaged by seepage/leakage/ heavy dripping from flat no. 161.1 week’s seepage weakens structural life by 1 year.flat no. 161 around this time its drawing room and cvered ihe front balcony illegally as per the version f the present President and the ex-President of cghs.

    to determine if said cnstruction is illegal and take appropriate legal action and to stop seepage /dripping from flat no. 161. to prevent further structural damage, which endangers our lives.

  79. i purchased htc desire 816g from snapdeal but it have manufacturing defect so i send it for replace but no action has been taken place till now

  80. Dear sir/maam
    I had ordered three cycles from snapdeal vide 2 different orders placed on 31 Dec 2014. However I recieved only 2 kross k50 cycles on 6 Jan 2015. Accordingly I sent a query to Snapdeal for the third cycle. Company accepted there fault for which third cycle couldnot be despatched and confirmed that they have reallocated the seller and same will be despatched by 12 Jan 2015. On 10 Jan 2015 I checked status of my order on snapdeal app and it was reflected that my order is being packed. After 2 days of packing (that seemed unlikely I mean likelihood of a cycle taking 2 days time for packing) on 13 Jan 2015 I recieved message that product couldnot be shipped as its out of stock and they have generated refund for same. I imdtly checked same on snapdeal app where to my surprise product was available but from different seller at price of rs 70000 against my ordered price of rs 5415.
    I approached there customer care who failed to give any satisfactory answer.
    Can I appeal for following frauds or misleading info and bending of rules by the snapdeal
    . Firstly as per true pay policy refund should have been generated after 3 days lapse of time on which product was expected to be shipped. In this case product was to be shipped by 3 Jan 15 and accordingly refund generated by 6 Jan 15.
    2. On 10 Jan 15 company confirmed that my order is being packed and however on 13 Jan 15 claimed that product is out of stock. This clearly shows that company was fooling its customer.
    3. On 13 Jan 15 after recieving e mail that product is out of stock, on checking the app it was found that product was in stock at fresh price of rs 7000 against my ordeered price of rs 5415 and can be shipped at my loc free of cost. It may be this increased price that company provided false information that product is out of stock.
    4. Since I required all 3 cycles of same model and compaany customer care informed that they would not be able to help me out, I requested them that I want to return remaining 2 cycles as well which was also denied and even contact no of some higher authority was also not provided.
    Hence I want to appeal to consumer court regarding such demeaning acts done by these company which are against consumer rights.

  81. Sir
    I have completed my graduation from eiilm university in 2012 but still i have not been provided with my degree certificate.No response by eiilm university.please,9733297258

  82. can i file a case against my teachers and principal that they have deviated or given wrong information about cbse class 10 rules and regulations for optional subject board exam due to which i have lost my grade.. please give reply

  83. i have purchased an LG g pro lite “D-686 ON 19/2/2014 . but after 1day it starts hanging during the calls and got restarted so on 21/2/2014 i have taken it to the service center then after one month it was getting heated while using the mobile for continues 3 minuets and its touch was not working properly again i had taken it to the service center on 29/3/2014 they had changed its motherboard after one month like wise the problem was repeated again and again every month “21/4/2014”, “2/6/2014” “14/7/2014, ” “2/8/2014” on14/1/2015 they asked me to bring phone after 6 days due to the Unavailability of touch plate after 9days 23/1/2015 i had again taken my phone for the touch problem and after continues waiting for 4 hour i got my phone which was showing a black dot on its screen then they said me that they don’t have fresh LCD with them in service center so they called me after 5 days i did callede to customercare number but didnt get any solution got frustrated by using this phone so i want to know how can i file an case in consumer court..

  84. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had an SBI card . This card was dispatched to me on 25th Jan’14 from Gurgaon vide blue dart courier and received by me on 27th Jan 14. I have received the credit card statement for the month of Feb’14 mentioning a transaction done in airtel for Rs. 4950=00 on 25th jan’14. I have not done any such transaction as on the said date I was not even having the credit card.


    Tejas Shah

  85. Hello Sir, Can we file a complaint for delay in shipment delivery date on from the expected date..
    Please find the more details below:

    Item purchase on 10th Feb 2015. Exp Delivery Date: 16th Feb
    shipment Address given my office address
    I just inquire them if the product is going to deliver on 14th feb, is there any chance to deliver it to my home address.

    For my just inquire, they have changed the shipment address and still the product is not shipped (on 18th Feb.

    As the product is important to me before expected date only..

  86. for don’t give bank job
    Sir, with due respect , I want to tell you that I have big problem from this bank consulatany, office name- Arahan Job point ,Kolkata 74, 2,no.mollick colony. They told me that they will give me bank job,in September 10/2016, They had taken money from me also, I am from Assam guahati, they told that ,I will go Kolkata and meet them, I went also, but they are don’t give job,1 month also gone,they always tell me busy when I call them, please tell me, if they are fake consultancy, S. Panday- 7872087717, Utpal sarkar – 8017045946.
    Thank you , from- Bhaswati Bora. My contact no.9954367955

  87. this is to notify you that way2 capital company taken away huge
    money(1.50 lacks) from me by harrasing,threatning,giving false
    commitment.i wish to take a advisory package worth rs 3000 for three
    month as said by amit prakash on 30sep ,16 but after giving payment
    online,they didnt send any acknowledgement,after querying for
    this,they told there are few process &have to purchase few research
    scripts for guaranteed return ,for this you have to pay rs 29000,after
    few hours later they forced & threatened me to make payment of 43k
    otherwise everything will null & i am very new to this field,i
    fell in their trap,the very next day aditya, claimed owner of the
    company said it is a 12 lacks project& have to pay another 50k to
    continue this service otherwise no body will help me.i said i want
    basic service to him but he told do as he is telling otherwise all
    money will go to water.we dont provide such service then yesterday he
    demand another 1.5 lacks.but i could not pay,then mr aditya threatened
    me no body cant do anything,i am sending my file to junk & never
    contact way 2 capital& cut the phone,then i received a mail containing
    agreement copy.In that agreement copy,there is clearly written that i
    wish to subscribe 1.58 lacks service package…which is completely
    wrong& false i understand it was a trap to subscribe to
    me in higher advisory services which i never ever give my consent.&
    one thing if you want i can give you the proof(call records) ,the way
    three person named mr amit prakash,aditya & raghubanshi harassed
    ,threatened& cheated me.. i have copy of all pack send by way 2 capital and not accept any term & condition by me.
    i just want justice regarding this matter,i clearly
    informed that my financial situation is not good,but these three
    persons never thought twice before cheated me..i only want to
    subscribe basic three month packs as i have wished to take..& rest
    amount which is taken away from me by setting up a trap , .the phone came from this no 07316626738 amit ),aditya(lier women)& raghubanshi(accountant) 07316626757,7316626743,
    i just want to aware
    you all.dont thust anybody in this company…they can only make you fool,nothing else…if you have quairy please contact

  88. Can i file a case against an IT Company where I had been selected for a post in that company and the company generated me an offer letter than on the basis of that offer letter I resigned from my current job now they are saying that we have hired another person….and due to this I lost my job.

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