Where to file a Consumer Complaint ? Consumer Awareness -FAQs

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Consumer Protection – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Where do I file my complaint and How many Consumer Courts are there in India? Pecuniary Jurisdiction

* In cases where the value of goods and services involved is less than Rs. 20 Lakhs in value, you will have to file the complaint in the District Forum constituted in the specified districts of a State.
* In cases where the value of goods and services involved is more than Rs. 20 Lakhs in value but does not exceed Rs 1 crore you will have to file the complaint with the State Commission constituted in the capital cities of the different states
* In cases where the value of goods and services involved is more than 1 crore in value then you can file a complaint with the National Commission which has been constituted only in New Delhi.

Territorial Jurisdiction.

The jurisdiction of the complaint is determined by the facts of the case and where the cause of action arises. Further, when you file a complaint, the area in which the opposite party resides or carries on his work or business will also have to be taken into consideration by you. This means that if you are filing a complaint against a service provider for a sum below 20 lakhs you would have to approach the District Forum in the jurisdiction where the cause of action arose. If the matter is above 20 lakhs but below 1 crore then it would be filed in the State Commission within which State the trader/ service provider/ manufacturer is located in the state in which the trader resides or works in. These two factors will have to be kept in mind while filing your complaint.

Consumer Courts Consumer Forums

There are consumer forums at the District, State and National level. At present, there are 569 District Consumer Forums, 33 State Commissions & the highest body which is the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) having its office at Janpath Bhawan, A Wing, 5th Floor, Janpath , New Delhi.

The District Forum consist of one president and two other members (one of whom is to be a woman).The president of the Forum is a person who is, or has been qualified to be a District Judge, and other members are persons of ability, integrity and standing, and have adequate knowledge or experience of, or have shown capacity in dealing with, problems relating to economics, law, commerce, accountancy, industry, public affairs or administration. They can hear the case involving amount of Rs. Twenty Lacs. It is situated in the District head quarters.

State Commissions A State Commission has jurisdiction in whole of the State for which it is constituted. It can hear the cases involving the amount more than rupees twenty lacs and up to rupees one crore. It has also jurisdiction to hear appeal against the orders of District Forum of that particular State. It is situated in the capital of the State.

State Commission consists of a president and two members one of whom is to be a woman.President is a person who is or has been a Judge of a High Court, and the members, are persons of ability, integrity and standing and have adequate knowledge or experience of, or have shown capacity in dealing with, problems relating to economics, law, commerce, accountancy, industry, public affairs or administration.

The National Commission consists of a president, and four other members (one of whom is to be a woman).The president should be the one who is or has been a Judge of the Supreme Court, and the members should be the persons of ability, integrity and standing and have adequate knowledge or experience of, or have shown capacity in dealing with, problems relating to economics, law, commerce, accountancy, industry, public affairs or administration.

Do other Courts (District Courts/High Courts) accept consumer disputes?

The jurisdiction of other courts to hear consumer disputes is not excluded. This is because the Parliament of India felt it was necessary to have an efficient & convenient mechanism to address and resolve the various consumer complaints across the country. As a result it created a three-tier remedial machinery for the inexpensive and quick disposal of consumer complaints. As these forums only deal with consumer complaints/issues and nothing else, all their time can be devoted to addressing consumers complaints.

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  1. AARTI DEVE says:



  2. Jastej Singh says:

    i don’t think that consumer forum can be asked to give relief in such a case.

  3. [...] Who can file a complaint and What are the issues to consider when filing a consumer complaint [...]

  4. kamal says:

    koi baat nahi ham case to file kar hi sakte hei. Manniya court sayad hamari baat sun ke. kaha ka case hei.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have purchase the shoe from one of the shoe showroom at Karinagar, andhra pradesh. I have spent Rs.2295-00 for brought the shoe. Showroom owner has given receipt for the shoe and said that six months warrenty for the shoe. But the shoes were totally damaged and shaped out after one month. Right now I do not having the shoe purchase receipt. In this regard how to approach the consumer forum. Kinldy help me in this issue. Thanking you sir,

    Bejjanki Naresh

  6. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    you can file a consumer complaint in this regard and can demand the production of the receipt book. Some tentative date of purchase must be there.

  7. Sir,

    I have purchase a Samsung refrigerator ( Model NO : RT28FAJSABX, SN NO : R5644PAD100248W) from one of the showroom at Garia, Kolkata on 31st March. . 3 days back I discovered a crack on the inner back-wall of the refrigerator which went unnoticed so long for its location. I lodged a complain with Samsung Customer Care and a service-man visited our place for inspection. Next day he called us to tell that the company is only agreeing to put a sticker on the crack and not to repair/replace it, although it being a manufacturing defect.. In this regard how to approach the consumer forum and can Consumer forum help me in it..? Kinldy help me in this issue. Thanking you sir,

    Parthajit Dutta

  8. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Where there is any manufacturing defect in the product, the Company shall change it with a new one. Try sending a legal notice to the Company through a lawyers. Or you can file a consumer complaint. The procedure for the same has been provided under the Consumer Protection Act 1986.

  9. sir there are many problems to general people who dont read books about the difference in guarantee and warranty can u plz clear that thing….

  10. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    In simple terms, in a guarantee the purchased good, if found defective can be replaced fully and in some cases even money is returned. Whereas in a warranty, only the part of the goods/items purchased is repaired and only that part is replaced and not the whole thing.

  11. R.K. Mishra says:

    I had entered into a written contract with a private builder to construct a new house on turn key basis with all construction material and related services in his scope. The construction was to be done after dismentaling part of my existing old house. The dismentaling was also in the buildr’s scope. The builder has not constructed the house as per the agreed quality, terms and conditions and has also not completed the work within the agreed time limit. Kindly suggest & advise me whether my case falls within the jurisdiction of District Consumer forum & I may approach it for redressal of my grivance. Approximate construction cost was under Rs. 15.00 lacs.

  12. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    Yes, in your case, the builder is a service provider and your were not get any commercial profit from the project. So, your case is clearly maintainable.

  13. dialnet bpo services is a bpo consultancy, they charged me Rs 2000 which they said was refundable if i work for 4 months, then they took my interview and placed ( as they say ) me in a call center, when i went there on they day i was supposed to join i came to know that the consultancy and the bpo were unrelated and the offered salary was one third of that promised to me my the consultancy people. I called the consultancy for a refund and they refused.
    Now i have all the receipts with me should i approach the consumer forum for refund? how should i start? and which district forum should i go to as the consultancy is noida based and i am from pitampura.
    Any help will really be appreciated..thanks in advance pls help..

  14. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    You can file a consumer complaint in this regard at Noida.

  15. Sir, i had made an online purchase on 12-10-2013,through website “www.shopping.indiatimes.com” for “Micromax 3G Dongle” for net usage. It nearly cost me Rs.1699/-. But what i got on 17-10-2013, through courier, was only empty box with invoice. Courier received was not opened from any side & was in fully sealed conditions with indiatimes company logo tape. On complaining to company website they told me to send snap shot of courier received. I sent them snap shot & they gave me their own case id :1126030 to be solved till 06-11-2013. But even after expiry of the given date i got no response from them. I nearly made 10-15 calls regarding this, but what they say is you have to wait for some time, we will call back to you. It has been more than 1 month passed but no action taken by them. Sir, where should i complaint for such a little amount. I live in ludhiana, Punjab. I have recorder all the calls made by me to the company & have all invoices. Plz guide.

  16. I have booked a flat in kharar and paid rs 3 lacs to builder. I have applied for home loan from Hdfc bank but the loan was not approved , I have given application to get refund of my booking amt. But builder said he will refund in 18 months . Can I file the case against him and how long I will get my refund from builder and how strong my case if I file the case in consumer court. Kindly help me out.

  17. R.P.Nair says:

    Deficiency in service to passengers due to cancelleation of railway reserved coach. Whether district forum of alighted station has jurisdiction to entertain complaint against Railway?

  18. Vidisha says:


    I Purchased a Samsung S4 and it is defective. they repaired the phone 5 times and asking me to take it back. I am saying I want the warranty to be extended to 1 year, they have extended it to 6 months and if one more time it goes to service centre I need a new phone. They are not agreeing to this. Can I file a consumer complain on this and get a refund of the amount instead.


  19. subash says:

    i purchased house for Rs 45 laks along with plot from Builder in the year 2008 and they should give me psession within 2 years,but till date no possession is given. i filed case in DF claiming damages and compensation and Rent, which comes around Rs 8 laks, whether the DF is having jurisdiction. Pl suggest me.

  20. AP Singh says:

    I have entered into agreement with builder for flat to be constructed in Haridwar. I am residing at Delhi and the builder with whom agreement has registered office at Delhi. although the sale agreement mentions that courts situated at Haridwar shall have jurisdiction in all matters concerning agreement.

    So in this case can the application under Consumer Protection be filed in Delhi ??

  21. Vikas Gupta says:

    My wife had problem so we visit the doctor on dated 6th Jan’14. doctor do ultrasound and told us there is no problem but on same date at evening my wife get so much pain into body. so we go to hospital again and doctor check her told me that she feels weakness and give the Glucose Drip and we come back. at Morning my wife again get lot of pain so we go there she starts glucose drip again but after her health goes down she gets un-conscious . so they shifted to Emergency angin do some more test and ultrasound now on 7th Jan’14 reports shows she have a Major problem and internal bleeding because of Optic Pregnancy.

    My concern is this why that was not detected on 6th Jan’14 that was detected on 7th Jan’14. according to reports she was pregnant of 3-4 weeks.

    I shifted my patient to another hospital and doctor there told us if this get detected on 6th Jan’14 then problem can be handle without Surgery.

    Can i put a case of medical negligence.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support/guidance.

    -Vikas Gupta

  22. B N Panda says:

    I purchased a flat at Faridabad, Haryana in the year 2006 from a Buider having office in Delhi while I was working at Gurgaon, Haryana.The flat was to be delivered within 36 months and is yet to delivered as of Feb 2014. Due inordinate delay , I moved to my hone town Bhubaneswar , where I am residing now.
    The buyer seller agreement stipulates that the buyer ( that is me) has to pay all instalments on time failing which intetest shall be charged and further in case of delay in handing over the flat the builder will pay penalty to the buyer at Rs 5 per sqft per month of delay.There has been some delay in remitting the payment of instalments for which the builder has charged me interest.
    My querries are:
    1. Can I file a case in the Consumer court of Bhubsneswar, Orissa.
    2. Is the builder not lisble to pay me delayed delivery penalty under the guise that payments from my side are delayed ( while actually he has charged me interest for such delays).
    B N Panda
    +91 7381700000
    bienpanda@ gmail.com

  23. NT says:

    Agreement of sale executed in 1979. Complaint filed in 2013. while deciding which Consumer forum to approach will the price of the Flat prevalent in 1979 be taken into consideration or the market value as on today?

  24. Sir/Madam,
    I have taken Home Loan from HDFC for apartment.as part of agreement its mentioned that any communication needs to happen through email/Fax or registered post/courier.
    My first re-payment cheque was encashed by bank while they did not encashed the next 2 months emi cheques citing reason they have been returned back to my home as they were non-cts compliant.When I asked I did not get them back I got different replies from HDFC different times like HDFC Account is not in possession of those cheques, it has been sent to my address by simple post, I was called informing about the check return(which never happened) etc. I stopped paying the due EMI amount and escalated to customer head Delhi, MD HDFC and even NHB. but nothing has been sorted out, I want to close this Loan account as they have deficiency of service and want my processing fees back which HDFC took at the time of application, they have denied saying its to process the loan but as I am not happy with the service and they have breach the agreement .Can I get some relief If I file complaint in consumer court. I would need legal expertise from your company too in this case. I am based at delhi.Kindly advise.Thanks

  25. D Saha says:

    I have an AMC for Washing machine with IFB company. On complain on 21st Jan 2014 one technician visited and changed some parts and got the service record signed for OK on humanitarian ground as it was late evening. After that three email sent to them and three four times over telephone the problem of machine not working was reported but no action taken by the company. In such situation can I approach Consumer court. Kindly advise.

  26. Devasahayam says:

    I had sent a courier through First Flight couriers on 26-02-2014 to a place in Odisha called Angul and till date the courier has not reached the destination address. I have tried calling the corporate office to check with the details but no one picks up the call. I have tried calling the customer care number but they to do not disclose any details nor speak politely. It was a very important and urgent letter.
    Please suggest me what should I do and guide me through the process of filling a consumer complaint.

  27. manan A says:


    I had given my computer for repairing to this shop called Systematic computers in Vasai Mumbai. The frame of my laptop was broken.
    The shop returned my laptop to me after breaking the hinges of the laptop. Further later i found out that he had taken out the 2GB RAM also from the laptop.
    I still have the reciept which they had given me at the time of taking my laptop. Though i dont know how i can prove that “systematics” took my RAM drive.

    Is consumer complaint appropriate in this case? What are my chances of success?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. sir,
    i have a karbonn A4+ purchased on 7/7/2013. since 20th feb 2014, the phone started giving some problems in accepting the sd cards, i tried putting in different sd cards but all of them were not accepted by the phone. so ultimately i had to deposit my phone with Aim telecom services, south extn-1, new delhi (your authorised karbonn service centre) on 27th feb 2014.
    i visited many a times and ultimately got back my phone back on 18th march 2014 (there was just a software problem). but what next i see is that my phone’s touch has been replaced with a duplicate blck one (originally it was white), when i asked the dealer he says it was broken by us by mistake and said sorry. i accepted it, as mistakes can be done by anyone.
    but the same night after 1 hour, the phone’s screen started pixelating and blinking several times.
    i called the dealer, he said, give me the phone tomorrow (19/3/2014) morning, i’ll return it to you at night. but it’s 20/3/2014 today, he is saying that the phone is showing problems and he is unable to solve the problem, please tell me where do i go, what do i do, he has transformed my phone into a trash. who will give me my money.
    till today the date has been 25th march 2014, and yet he has not solved the problem in the phone rather has made it worse, i have all the reocordings in my another phone which we both have talked and also the job sheet. sir please look into the matter, i am totally irritated by their service.
    phone details are mentioned here after:
    IMEI NO.- 911301351971395
    thanking you
    yours sincerely
    hardik kataria (8802529299)

  29. GAGAN WADHWA says:

    this is a complaint against lottery fraudsters. on 26 march 2014,at 9:52 am i have recieved a phone call from a number 923066021655. he asked me ur number has won a lottery if number 89910 is written on ur sim . i checked it was written . then he asked to call a person named sunder singh (a fake bank manager )whose phone number is 00923085859467.also he told me recharge ur mobile with 1000 rupees. i recharge it when i call sunder singh he put mey call on hold after 14 minutes i saw all my balance was nill. also i would display certain numbers 21268979654,21341649465,00923085859467. i would like to tell u i have read about such lottery fraudsters they made harm to many big amounts .also they cheat many innocent people. here it is not a talk about jst me ,it is talk about many thosands of people who are due for their business. thank u .i woulk like to track such numbers and take recent action against such people.

  30. Shakti Rana says:

    Sir/Madam my name is shakti rana and i would like to file a case against Bluechip services intl., kalyan nagar banglore and HTIR India banglore for not refunding money as per the contract and they have harassed me a lot without any reason. So my question is that Can i file case against them in Delhi as I have signed contract and sent money through NEFT from Rohini ,Delhi OR do I ve to go to Banglore to file Consumer case against them. I am so much in agony and frustrated because of thhese 2 parties.

    Any help would be appreciated and thank you very much.

    Shakti Rana

  31. Avadhut says:


    Few years back in 2005-06 we had taken country club membership,
    the person had promised that , country club will be opening in Belgaum soon ,on trust we took the membership for 10,000. Till date there is no country club in Belgaum, and now they have started sending bills to us as subscription charges of around 9823.
    Can we file a case under consumer protection act. We were given 2 cards, i have both the card numbers but have only one card with me.
    The card that we have is of Bangalore Life member card.
    Their head office is in Hyderabad , can i file a case under consumer protection act in Belgaum district.
    They have cheated thousands of people in Belgaum in similar way
    Pls advice, Thanking you


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