Non-Resident Indians may soon have Voting Rights


Merely days after adding more to the benefits to Persons of Indian Origin, the Government of India (GoI) is now believed to have given its consent to the recommendation of a committee that favored voting for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) through electronic means. The BJP-led NDA government has always been firm on its stand on the issue of granting voting More...

by Vakilno1 | Published 3 years ago

By Vakilno1 On Monday, September 1st, 2014

Taking punitive measure against porn sites is practically impossible

The central government is failing to gain any significant success in its efforts to ban porn websites in India. The government itself confessed to the Supreme Court that no matter what action it takes, porn sites More...

Zydus Wellness
By Vakilno1 On Friday, June 13th, 2014

Zydus Wellness receives ex parte restraining orders from Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court has issued ex-parte restraining orders to Zydus Wellness Ltd., the consumer product company of Zydus Cadila against look-alike brands and products having resemblance to its flagship brand Nutralite. Elkana More...

KG-D6 dispute
By Vakilno1 On Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

ONGC brings Reliance Industries to Delhi High Court over KG-D6 dispute

New Delhi: ONGC has filed a petition in the Delhi Court against Reliance Industries, alleging that Reliance may have siphoned off natural gas worth in the thousands of crores of rupees from a common reservoir in More...

By Vakilno1 On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Income Tax Dept to pay interest to resident deductor companies says SC

In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court of India has asked the Income Tax Department to pay interest to resident deductor companies on the refund of tax. The apex court dismissed a large multitude of appeals More...

By Vakilno1 On Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

No penalty on customers with lower than minimum account balance says RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a new directive to banks, directing no penalty on customers with lower than minimum account balance. The new directive may have come as a big relief for a lot of customers, but More...

By Vakilno1 On Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Eloped girl cannot claim right over father’s FD

If a woman goes against the “family and societal norms” by eloping with someone, then her father will preserve the right to take back the money that he had deposited in her bank account when she was still a More...

By Vakilno1 On Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Admin decisions will not impasse because of Election Code of Conduct

Administrative decisions that come under the purview of the state government, cannot be halted because of election code of conduct, the Bombay High Court stated on Monday. The remark was made by a division bench More...

Indian army
By Vakilno1 On Monday, March 24th, 2014

Indian Army ammunition too low to sustain a full-fledged war for even 20 days

The Indian Army (IA), the second largest standing army in the world, is struggling with its ability to sustain a prolonged full-fledged war. According to a new revelation, the army is running low on ammunition. Worse More...

By VakilNo1 On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

IRCTC asked to pay INR 25,000 to passenger as compensation

A consumer forum has asked Indian Railway Catering and Tourism (IRCTC) to pay INR 25,000 as compensation fee to a passenger who was denied a refund on his unused wait-listed ticket approximately three years back. It More...