Affidavits-Legal Forms, Legal Drafts and Documents

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Affidavits-Legal Forms, Legal Drafts and Documents

Name of Form

1 Affidavit with the application to regional transport authority for duplicate license
2 Affidavit with the application for amending the wealth-tax return
3 Affidavit with the application for the registration of the will after the death of the testator.
4 Affidavit before the sales-tax tribunal for stay of disputed tax.
5 Affidavit for condonation of delay in filing the appeal against assessment order of sales tax officer.
6 Affidavit for extending time to file the income tax return.
7 Affidavit for resumption of Indian Citizenship.
8 Affidavit in Income-tax proceedings
9 Affidavit of process server to a accompany return of a summons or notice
10 In the application for issue of duplicate licence
11 Regarding closure of business
Regarding issue of duplicate license for export trade control.
13 Regarding non-ownership of alleged business
14 Simple affidavit
Affidavit with the application for the issue of duplicate export licence
16 Affidavit With The Application For The Registration Of The Will After The Death Of The Testator
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  1. FRANKY CLAEYS says:

    sir, mom need this document for immigration service :
    . Joint Affidavit of applicant and petitioner attesting to the authenticity and genuineness of all documents submitted in support of the application;

  2. Very good fruit to eat for the new lawyers

  3. Santosh says:

    I want to get an Affidavit done for my mother for applying for her Passport. Can you tell me how much you charge and how to get it done. I need the Annexure A as mentioned by Passport office on their website to be done.

  4. Nitesh says:

    Dear All,

    Can anyone provide the format of affidavit for the declaration by a Company that it is not listed on any Stock Exchange in India. Nowhere, proper format is given. Request all members to update or email me.

    Thanking you in advance.

  5. sandeep patel says:


    thanks IN ADVANCE

  6. sunil Shah says:

    I want to have a draft affidavit for One and the Same Person but it is not available on the site. Please upload the one on the site.

  7. manju josi says:

    how much rupee stamp paper do we buy to make an affidavit in Maharashtra for different reasons viz.divrce, declaration as a heir, for change in birth certificate, change in address?

  8. Sahiba says:

    I want to know that my father is going to do a pvt. Job and they are asking for all the educational documents. But due to flood in our village it all were destroyed,any single piece of paper we cant get from there. Can u please help me ans get out from this problem.

  9. abhay divate says:

    can any one send me the Bandh patra, undertaking and affidavit of ULC. it need for the purpose of approval of building plan from collector.
    Its very urgent.

  10. Kindly provide the draft of the affidavit with respect to publication in the newspaper for non alination of the property.

  11. munna says:

    Kindly provide me with the format for affidavit for change of name in gas connection from my name to my wife name for indane gas connection.

  12. Fahim Tariq says:

    Sir plz Send me Sale deed for use any plot in punjab pakistan

  13. I need a pleader or like this, in[ toronto ,canada,] type of advisor–as i need to
    affidevit for immigration in india form— me early
    giving his/her email address and phone number

  14. vinil says:

    Requesting for the areas in which affidavit(s) or notary attestation is required, as per latest updates IN ALL TIMES. example: form A-2,A-2S in Telangana Excise licenses for 2014 to 2015.

  15. CA Vinil krishna says:

    Very good dedicated & expertise professionals rendering very expensive services at Very low prices and even at free of cost, which fulfills the emergency needs. THANK Q FOR ENTIRE TEAM. “APPRECIABLE MOMENT”.

  16. Sir
    I am looking for the following affidavits
    (a)Affidavit to file an FIR on loss of occupation certificate of a society in Mumbai
    (b) Affidavit to file an FIR on loss of completion certificate of a society in Mumbai

  17. sir,
    please get me send affidavit format on land and building which it will helpful on said affidavit drafting and obliged

  18. ahmed says:

    please get me send affidavit format on bank draft alonwithwith revnue for Rs.1000/- as undertaking/ affidavit

  19. Sivasankar says:

    Sir,need a legal tenancy affidavit in word document

  20. anil says:

    I need an affidavit ,stamped by first class magistrate.with name ,telephone to verify. ineed for an application for PIO.for foreign indian nationals

  21. dear Sir, I require an affidavit of Denial for my work permit visa in Philippines that I am not the same person with derogatory record with bureau of Immigration Philippines

  22. Sir, I just want a general draft of affidavit of tranferring my father’s income tax refund cheque to my mother’s name on the basis of legal heir.
    Can you please mail the draft as soon as possible so that I can start my procedure income tax department…

  23. vijish says:

    sir is affidavit nessary to be noterial . or without notry affidavit is valid .

  24. asma yashfeen akhtar says:

    Sir/Mam,I need an affidavit for income for scholarship.its urgent.
    kindly help

  25. Mahadev N R says:

    Please help., I need the correct Format of an affidavit for correction of Name in the Death Certificate at Bangalore, Karnataka

  26. reena gupta says:

    Please help., I need the correct Format of an affidavit for correction of Name in the Death Certificate at Bangalore, Karnataka

  27. sajid says:

    Please draft me a affidavit letter to submit in passport office for change of mothers name in my daughters passport as it is wrongly updated

  28. L G NAIK says:

    Please provide me drat of affidavivte for obtaining dependent certificate in goa as i want to produce in the office of mamlatdar

  29. […] we file affidavit attested by Notary or Oath Commissioner. Generally it is believed that we file Affidavits to support our statement contained in Affidavit. By filing Affidavit, it is presumed that our […]

  30. karan gare says:

    my friend’s mother died in 2010.
    he live in their home . Home’s property in the name of mother.
    he is legal heir.not transfer orwill made by mother.
    Friend want PNG (pipr naturel gas) connection for home.
    Mahanager Gas TOld him to do affidavit for same. How can he does…? please guied

  31. munaf says:

    i want a format for promisary note to be made, i am giving money on loan to a friend and i want to give it on a stamp paper: pl help

  32. Harshad Chavan says:

    My uncle is Central Government Employee.
    His Date of Birth is 22/01/1960,
    His education qualification is 9th pass,
    He was getting job on 12/03/1982,
    Now one person is action(complaint) on my uncle in his department, he said that my uncle’s got the present job was on faulty Date of Birth.
    After Verification of my uncle Date of Birth, he is getting faulty. . .that means his date of birth is fault. my uncle now already completed 33 year service in his department. plz tell me how to help my uncle for his un lucky.

  33. varughese says:


    As I haven’t received the IT refund due to me for the assessment years 2009-10 and 2010-11, I contacted the Income tax Officer for claiming the same. After checking the status he asked me to produce an affidavit on stamp paper for processing the refund of Income tax.As I am not having any format of the affidavit to be typed , I request your good office to kindly send me the format of the affidavit to be typed so that I can submit the same to the assessing officer.
    Thanking you,
    Alice Varughese

  34. very nice and very useful for new advocates.

  35. please provide me forms of affidavit for loss of convocation certificate. Thanking you.

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